Sunday February 3rd @ 5pmEST – Help Raise Awareness 4 Tony!   1 comment

twitter tony 2.3.2013Join us on SUNDAY FEBRUARY 3 @ 5pmEST when we hold a “Twitter Storm” for Tony to raise awareness and support for him and the 5,000 plus captive tigers in the United States. We’ll be tweeting about Tony, his petition and how to help captive tigers while adding the hashtag #FreeTonyTiger to our tweets.

Organized by Tony’s Twitter friends @ARCrusade, @jenaeseetal and @FreeTonyTiger we’re hoping to trend #FreeTonyTiger

Tony is known all over the world and has terrific support on Twitter with both @FreeTonyTiger and @TonyTiger2000  gathering more friends everyday.

Please share this information and meet us on Twitter SUNDAY FEBRUARY 3 @ 5pmEST.

If you’re not in the EST zone visit: to find your time to ROAR with us!

Here are some tweets we’re using now to get the word out – you can use these or make up your own with the date, time and hashtag #FreeTonyTiger

Join Us on SUNDAY FEB 3 @ 5pmEST We’re Trending #FreeTonyTiger Not in EST time zone? Find Your Time 2 ROAR:

Join Our Tweet 4 @TonyTiger2000 Protest Sunday Feb. 3rd @ 5pmEST Let Tony Hear Our ROARS! Trend #FreeTonyTiger ‏

ROAR FOR TONY!! Twitter Storm 4 @TonyTiger2000 on Feb. 3rd @ 5pm EST We’ll Be Trending ►► #FreeTonyTiger ‏◄◄

Are You Ready To ROAR 4 TONY?? Help Us Trend ►► #FreeTonyTiger ‏◄◄ on Feb. 3rd @ 5pm EST! Plz RT!

R U #TEAMTONY?? Join Us on SUNDAY FEB. 3rd @ 5pmEST when we trend #FreeTonyTiger PLZ RT!

Twitter Storm 4 #Tiger kept as a roadside attraction @ truck stop SUNDAY FEB. 3 @ 5pmEST Trend @FreeTonyTiger

Join Our Twitter Storm 4 @TonyTiger2000 & the 5,000+ captive U.S. #Tigers on SUNDAY FEB. 3rd @ 5pmEST Trend #FreeTonyTiger

As we near the date we’ll post more ideas for tweets you can use on SUNDAY FEB. 3rd @ 5pmEST!

Please share this post and thanks for your support.

You can read the an update on Tony’s case from The Animal Legal Defense Fund here: Next Court Date: FEB. 19th 2013

Sign Tony’s petition:

Help captive U.S. tigers and big cats by taking action and supporting The Big Cats & Public Safety Protection Act! ( HR 4122 and S 3547 ) This bill would prohibit private possession of big cats except at highly-qualified facilities like accredited zoos where they can be properly cared for and safely managed.

Please visit this link to learn more: At the bottom of that page is a TAKE ACTION button.

One response to “Sunday February 3rd @ 5pmEST – Help Raise Awareness 4 Tony!

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  1. for tony for tigers,
    for all captive beings.
    we have your back
    and we do not like
    what we are seeing!!!


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