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tiger day wwf Tigers are magnificent majestic big cats who deserve our utmost respect, protection and advocacy. On Global Tiger Day we hope to raise awareness for tigers, both wild and captive and support efforts to help both.


Sadly there are only an estimated 3,200 of Tony’s “cousins” remaining in the wild,  a decline of 97% since the turn of the century.

Six sub-species remain: Amur, Bengal, Sumatran, Indo-Chinese, Malayan, South China (functionally extinct – has not been sighted in the wild for more than 25 years); Three are extinct: Bali, Caspian and Javan.

Poaching, human-tiger conflict, loss of habitat and prey are the main threats to tigers. Learn more about wild tigers and how we can help support efforts to save them:


Tony is just one of the estimated 5,000 or more privately owned tigers in the United States and his plight has definitely raised awareness to this serious issue. Captive U.S. tigers are used in roadside zoos and attractions, photo ops and exhibitions, entertainment shows and circuses, pseudo-sanctuaries, bred for profit or are owned as “pets.” From IFAW: “Private possession of big cats is a legal patchwork: 30 states ban private possession, 14 states allow possession with a permit, and 6 states have absolutely no restrictions on private possession at all.” ( )


One of the most important ways we can help tigers like Tony and other captive big cats in the United States is to support HR 1998 ~ The Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act. This bill would prohibit the private possession and breeding of captive big cats in the United States except at highly-qualified facilities like accredited zoos where they can be properly cared for and safely managed. It would only allow breeding at accredited zoos, along with some research or educational institutions.

Learn more about this bill at these links:

  • TAKE ACTION FOR BIG CATS!! (Take Action button on bottom of page)

A follow-up email, phone call or letter to your Congress Member can have a tremendous impact.

1. Go to

2. Enter your zip code to find out your Representative

3. Call Representative’s office and ask to speak to the staff member handling animal welfare issues

4. Tell that staff member to urge the Representative to co-sponsor H.R. 1998, the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act

  • NEW JERSEY RESIDENTS!! Special Contact Information:

nyt tony


Everyone’s  dedication to Tony is truly appreciated and we ask for your continued support. One of the best ways we can help Tony is to stay positive and focused on Tony’s release to a reputable big cat sanctuary and keep networking for him.

Sign & Share Tony’s Petition:

Keep Tony’s story active on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Links to share:

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Please share this post, check out the links, and take action for captive and wild tigers!

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