Thanksgiving Day Thanks To Tony’s Friends   Leave a comment

tony close picOn Thanksgiving Day: Sincere thanks to ALL of Tony’s wonderful caring friends who continue to support him and efforts to see him released to the home and life he deserves. Please know your dedication to him is appreciated.

Tony’s petition remains open and has over 34,000 signatures. Please sign if you haven’t and continue to share. This petition keeps Tony’s story networked and people updated:

Special Thanks to The Animal Legal Defense Fund for their dedication to Tony and their continuing efforts in his case. The last update we have from ALDF can be found here:

More links for Tony:

Join Tony on Facebook Page:

Free Tony The Tiger On WordPress:

Tony’s Story:

Follow Tony On Twitter:!/FreeTonyTiger!/TonyTiger2000

Tony on Instagram:

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Tony On Youtube:

From The Animal Legal Defense Fund:

ALDF Page For Tony:

ALDF Articles:


Concluding this post with a video from Big Cat Rescue – Tampa FL  of tigers Amanda, Andre and Arthur and lion Joseph enjoying their Thanksgiving treats:

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