Breakdown of the Vote on SB 250 ~ April 28, 2014   Leave a comment

sb 250 vote

How Senators voted yesterday on SB 250:

Although SB 250 failed to pass, Sen. Ward can bring the bill back up again and indicated he will. You can track the bill here:

We are asking Tony’s supporters to continue to speak out AGAINST this bill. Visit : for a list of actions you can take to OPPOSE this bill designed specifically to allow Mr. Sandlin to KEEP Tony at the truck stop.

  • You can THANK these Senators for voting AGAINST SB 250 and ask for their continued support against this bill if it comes up for a vote again:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • These Senators Voted FOR SB 250 – Sen. Rick Ward’s bill to KEEP Tony at the truck stop; Ask them to reconsider their vote on SB 250 and vote AGAINST it if it comes up again:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Note: is the author of this bill.

  • These Senators were absent. Please ask them to vote AGAINST SB 250 if it comes up again:,


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