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Here is a list of contact information for Gov. Bobby Jindal. PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW for Tony and ask Gov. Jindal to VETO SB 250. Please keep letters, emails, phone calls, etc. on point and polite.

Ways to contact Governor Bobby Jindal and ask him to VETO SB 250:

Action Alert via Animal Legal Defense Fund:

Action Alert For Louisiana Residents ONLY via Born Free USA:

Action Alert via Peta:

Website Online Contact Form: (Louisiana is listed as default in “State” just type over with your state)

Phone: 225-342-7015 or 866-366-1121 (Toll Free)

Fax: 225-342-7099

Twitter: @BobbyJindal


Click on Message and a box will pop up to write your message


Direct email: (Tried and has not bounced back – please report if it does in a comment)

Physical Address:

Governor Bobby Jindal
Office of the Governor
PO Box 94004,
Baton Rouge, LA 70804

Sign these two Petitions:

@BobbyJindal VETO SB 250!!

LDWF: Enforce Louisiana State Law & Ensure Tony The Tiger Is Released To A Reputable Sanctuary:

Sign this Care2 Petition:

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3 responses to “Contact Gov. @BobbyJindal ~ Veto SB 250!!

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  1. Another perspective…… I do think first and foremost that this about Tony and his well-being, but we also must understand that these are politicians who are involved now and so here is a political perspective for the governor….

    “I have followed you as a possible presidential candidate for a while, however I have also been following the case of Tony the Tiger for some time too. I am writing to encourage you to stand firm and veto this bill. Please stand up for the law that is in place, and not grant an exception for this special interest. As conservatives we often criticize the democrats in Washington for their cronyism, and their political favors like granting exemptions for “Obamacare”, please don’t be like them. Don’t grant this one person an exception to Louisiana law. I understand it is difficult not to bow to the cronyism that goes on within the conservative constituency in this state…. However the nation, and the world are watching this. The internet is ablaze with support for Tony and the current law that stands. This is your opportunity to stand up for what is right, and not go along with “politics as usual”. Thank you for your time.”

  2. Governor Jindal, please veto SB 250. Surely you must understand how a regal animal like a tiger does not belong as a side show in a truck stop. This is just a collection of :”Good Ole Boys” going to show animal lovers everywhere that they will do what they please regardless of the consequences to this poor animal. Please do the right thing and allow him to go to a santuary where he can be with other tigers to live out his life. Animal cruelty is not just starving and beating an animal. it is also locking them up with no contact with others of their species and loud, obtrusive noises, smoke and car fumes, and excessive heat. If it were a dog in that cage, the SPCA would already have him in handcuffs.

  3. I was in Baton Rouge February, 2014 and stopped to see Tony. It had been raining, it was damp and cold. Tony has a thick, dirty fur so other than laying on concrete, he had a small brick building, a large tire hung from the top of a cage the size of an RV (or there about). He had a pile of ground meat in a corner which was somewhat untouched and was laying inside the brick building when I walked up to the cage. I called to him and he seemed to struggle to rise to greet me. He sat staring into my eyes and with much effort, cried the most mournful, pitiful cry over and over again, still staring me directly into my eyes. When he somewhat ceased to cry his big cat message to me he sauntered over to the meat and smelled it, licked it a couple times then turned back to me and cried again. He walked over to the tire and acted like he was going to bite it and sort of pushed at it as if to illustrate how removed from nature he was – that is how my spirit felt watching him. He gave me a backward glance, cried a weak cry again and shuffled back into the brick shelter he calls “home”. To this day I am saddened and touched by this creature, given to earth as part of the natural world. Far removed from anything natural for the greed of man, to attract visitors to the gas station, mini mart. He is breathing exhaust 24/7. He is forced to listen to a busy highway traffic unceasingly. A creature on the brink of extinction, this big cat deserves to have the remainder of his life in some semblance of nature even though he knows little else, to force him to remain in the state he is in is nothing one could call a quality of life. Please write, petition, sign the petitions, phone someone, plead to the “owner” to give him life at last.

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