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The beloved Smitty


dee cheesey

Me and Cheeseburger

It has taken me some time to collect my thoughts and words for this post. Being the guardian of three adopted cats who amaze me every day, I have discovered what wonderful unique souls they are and how they completely capture your heart, enrich your life and give you unconditional love and friendship.

It all started with my first boy, Cheeseburger who will forever be my soul cat. He came into my life in 1997 and we shared 10 years together before I lost him to cancer. I was devastated and vowed I would never have another cat.

So much for that…I have since adopted three boys: Mr. Jingles, Tony Cat, and yes another Cheezeburger. They all have their stories…in time ~ maybe in another post.

Mr. Jingles ~ Cheezeburger ~ Tony Cat

Mr. Jingles ~ Cheezeburger ~ Tony Cat

Social media has been a tremendous asset in keeping Tony’s story networked with people all over the world learning about him and the serious issue of privately owned tigers and big cats in the United States. It also has formed wonderful friendships that I cherish – that being said I’d like to dedicate this post to a very special family and their amazing cat Smitty.

Tony’s emergence on Twitter came about in April 2011. Though we already had a Twitter account @FreeTonyTiger, we thought  since an escaped cobra from the Bronx Zoo could tweet…why not a tiger from a truck stop? If you follow Tony on Twitter @TonyTiger2000, you’ve undoubtedly run across the engaging conversations between the #BigGuy Tony and his “bestest” #LittleBuddy Smitty @IamSmittyKitty. The two meet up on Twitter during the week and they’re definitely quite the dynamic duo or as @LucyLiberte calls them “Double Trouble.”

tony smitty lucy

Tony ~ Smitty ~ Lucy


Since Tony isn’t very fond of truck stop grub…he and Smitty sample cuisine from different establishments – Smitty and Tony actually met on Twitter over lasagna.

The seriousness of Tony’s captivity at the truck stop is never downplayed – and Smitty is always there to give Tony encouragement and support:


Sadly we lost Smitty to a disease called cardiomyopathy, a heart condition that results in an enlarged heart. You can read more about this from Smitty’s mom on her blog:


Smitty Tweeting

Smitty Tweeting


wlf smittyWe were all devastated by the news…any one who has lost a companion knows the tremendous grief and heartache you suffer from such a loss. Our condolences and love go out to Smitty’s loving guardians and Smitty’s “sis” @IamTweeterKitty.

We are so thankful Smitty’s guardians “shared” their special little guy with us. Smitty brought a smile to all of us and we looked forward each day to his HEY EVABODDY tweet to get the Twitter conversation going. There were many a times that Smitty’s tweets made me LOL.

Smitty’s Dad made the courageous and selfless decision to keep Smitty tweeting…we’re very grateful that Smitty and Tony will be able to continue their special friendship and connect with anipals and friends worldwide.

As Tony would say: “Smitty iz da bestest #LittleBuddy a tiger cood eva haf!!”

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