Raw Video of Tony 9.22.2014   6 comments

Video taken of Tony recently. New media of Tony is always appreciated. If you visit Tony, document your visit with pictures and video, and please share them with us. Send us a tweet via Twitter @FreeTonyTiger or email: roar4tony@yahoo.com Thanks again for your continued to support of Tony’s release to a reputable big cat sanctuary.

6 responses to “Raw Video of Tony 9.22.2014

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  1. heart breaking to watch. ACE BOURKE

  2. Always breaks my heart what the hell do we have to do to free this guy????

  3. This enclosure is way way to small for a big cat!! Tonys bones must be getting weaker by the day from the lack of exersize. Imagine being confined to your bedroom for your entire life! It just does not bare thinking about. Every effort must be made to get Tony out of this hell hole & into a big cat sanctuary ASAP!!!!! Shame on you Louisiana!

  4. Seeking info on progress as of November, 2014, on legal action to free this splendid tiger to a reputable sanctuary…

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