Last Day To Nominate @TonyTiger2000!!   Leave a comment

shorty last day



Nominations for the Shorty Awards end TONIGHT – Thursday February 19th, 2015 at 11:59pmEST!

If you have a Twitter account please vote for Tony and help raise awareness for him and captive tigers in the United States.

It’s so easy to vote! Options:

1. Click Tony’s picture in this post, you’ll get a “Share a link with your followers” box. Then just click the Tweet button. Please be sure to leave the #nonhuman hashtag in the tweet.


2. Visit: Add your reason why you’re nominating Tony and click Tweet Your Nomination! Please leave the category as Non-Human!


3. On Twitter: Send a tweet that starts with:

I nominate @TonyTiger2000 for a Shorty Award in #nonhuman because…

(Votes must have a reason after “because…” or they won’t count!)

Note: Retweeted nominations and tweets starting with @replies do not count toward the rankings. Voting for the same person in the same category more than once just replaces the text of your original vote; it does not count as an additional vote.

Please share this post…easy share buttons below…ROAR FOR TONY!!

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