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One year ago today we lost our beautiful tiger “friend” Tony. I cannot begin to express how special Tony is to me, and how much I love and miss him. I learned so much from Tony about captive tigers and big cats. Tony inspired me to find my voice and become an advocate not only for him but for other issues regarding animals as well.

I always called Tony “The Ambassador” for captive tigers and big cats – to me he always will be. His story and the serious issue of captive tigers and big cats in the United States was known globally.

Each time I visited Tony I promised him we would never give up on him…and we never did. Tony had friends all over the world who cared about him and supported his
release to a reputable big cat sanctuary. He had an awesome legal team, The Animal Legal Defense Fund, who took on his case back in 2010 and brought it to court in 2011. They still are fighting in Tony’s memory to uphold Louisiana’s Big Cat Ban so no other tigers can be exploited as Tony was for all of his 17 years at Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, Louisiana. ALDF’s work to protect animals and their rights is so important. Please visit them at to learn more about this incredible group of dedicated people who always were there for Tony and to answers all of my questions regarding Tony and his case.

I know we all wished Tony would have had a wonderful sanctuary home, we were so close so many times with the court decisions in Tony’s favor finding the permit issued by LDWF illegal, but sadly appeals caused the case to drag on for years. I like to think that Tony is finally “free” from his concrete and steel bar prison and our majestic striped king is running in tall grass and swimming in crystal blue lakes.

Thank you to these sanctuaries for their support as well:

Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL
Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone MN,
The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO and
WildCat Ridge Sanctuary in Scotts Mills OR

To ALL of Tony’s amazing friends:
THANK YOU for caring and for your support and love.

We ROARED For Tony…We NEVER Gave Up.

” T ” ~ I will never forget you. Your spirit is with me always. I love you beautiful boy. #FreeTonyTiger

🌈 💙 🐯 💙 🌈

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