ALDF Webinar “Tiger King : Questions Answered”   Leave a comment

Did anyone watch ALDF’s webinar “Tiger King : Questions Answered”? I did and thought it was very informative and covered the issues of captive tigers with great depth ~Thank you Animal Legal Defense Fund​’s Alicia Prygoski. I have not watched Tiger King, I think it would just be too upsetting because I will always associate Joe Ex with Michael Sandlin; when we were fighting for Tony’s release to a reputable big cat sanctuary, Sandlin said he was contemplating sending Tony to Joe’s hell hole. This webinar really focused on captive tigers and big cats, laws in place to protect them and pending bills (i.e. Big Cat Public Safety Act) to end private ownership and breeding. It addressed how cubs are bred for profit and exploitation. The possession, breeding and exploiting of tigers and big cats is such a horrid, cruel “industry.” Tony’s case was included in the webinar and some of my photos of Tony were in the presentation; I was honored, and honestly it brought tears to my eyes to see him. I know we all loved Tony and we tried to do whatever we could to help him and support ALDF’s dedicated efforts to free him to an accredited sanctuary. If you missed the webinar, a link to the recording is coming soon! You can check at: and it will also be posted on Free Tony The Tiger. Photo accompanying this post is courtesy of Animal Legal Defense Fund, of course that is our Tony on the right. #FreeTonyTiger #TonyAlways 🐯

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