Tony ~ Always : In Memoriam October 16, 2020   Leave a comment

Three years ago, on October 16, 2017, we lost our beloved Tony the Tiger. Not a day goes by where Tony is not on my mind; he has left his massive paw prints on my heart and on the hearts of his friends around the world. For 17 years Tony was confined to a “life” as a roadside attraction at Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete. Louisiana, and because of Tony and his tragic story, people learned about the serious issue of privately owned tigers and big cats in the United States.

For many years Tony had tremendous support for his release to a reputable big cat sanctuary. The legal battle for Tony’s release was led by our very good friends The Animal Legal Defense Fund who fought tirelessly for Tony. Sadly every court win in Tony’s favor for his release was met by his owner’s appeals and the case dragged on for years. I would like to once again thank The Animal Legal Defense Fund who never gave up on Tony, and who continue to advocate for captive tigers and wild animals. Learn more about ALDF’s work for captive wild animals at :

Another round of thanks to these sanctuaries who offered a home for Tony, Big Cat Rescue (Tampa FL), The Wildcat Sanctuary (Sandstone MN) and The Wild Animal Sanctuary (Keenesburg CO).

One of the best ways we can honor Tony is to support The Big Cat Public Safety Act. This federal bill addresses two of the biggest sources of abuse of big cats by ending owning big cats as pets and stopping exploitative roadside zoos from offering cub petting and photo ops. Read more about this bill and ask your Congress Members for their support at :

In Tony’s memory, all of his social media accounts remain open to network information on ways we can help animals. We hope you will continue to support them.

To ALL of Tony’s amazing friends : THANK YOU! Because of you and your support Tony will never ever be forgotten.

” T ” : I miss you handsome tiger. You are in my thoughts every day and in my heart always.

For ” T ” Always ~ #FreeTonyTiger #TonyAlways 🌈 🐯 🌈

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