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life sentence

Recap on SB 250, Rick Ward III‘s bill to “exempt certain persons from the requirements of the big exotic cats rules” (specifically to allow Michael Sandlin to keep Tony at Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete Louisiana.)

After failing by a vote of 19 Nays – 18 Yeas on April 28th, it was voted on again on May 13th: The Louisiana Senate PASSED SB 250 by a vote of 20 YEAS to 18 NAYS. The bill was then introduced to the House on May 14 and referred to the Committee on Natural Resources and Environment.

SB 250 is scheduled for a hearing TOMORROW WEDNESDAY May 21 @ 9:30am. You can view the agenda here:

If you’re a resident of Louisiana PLEASE contact your House Representative and ask them to OPPOSE SB 250, especially if your Representative is a member of the Natural Resources and Environment Committee. List of committee members at the end of this post.

You can also find this list here: Just click on your representative’s name for contact information at the link.

Born Free USA also has an Action Alert for LOUISIANA RESIDENTS Targeting the Natural Resources and Environment Committee:

(Thank you Born Free USA)

For those of us who are NOT Louisiana Residents, please share the following information so we can reach others.

  • Born Free USA’s Action Alert Targeting the Natural Resources and Environment Committee:

  • ALDF’s Post for Tony:

  • ALDF’s Video for Tony:

  • ASPCA’s Action Alert for Louisiana Residents:

  • These petitions are also still open for Tony:

Let’s continue positive yet strong advocacy on behalf of Tony and work together to procure him a peaceful life, expert care, a proper home and the respect and dignity Tony and ALL animals deserve.

Natural Resources and Environment Committee
(Name, District, Email)

Dove, Gordon

Bishop, Stuart J.

Armes, James K.

Billiot, Robert E.

Chaney, Charles R.

Connick, Patrick

Foil, Franklin J.

Garofalo, Raymond E.

Gisclair, Jerry

Guinn, John E.

Harrison, Joe

James, Edward C. “Ted”

Jones, Sam

Lambert, Eddie J.

Leopold, Christopher J.

Montoucet, Jack

Morris, James “Jim”

Ortego, Stephen J.

Schexnayder, Clay

Kleckley, Chuck

Leger, Walt III

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Click Here To Help Tony!

Click Here To Help Tony!

ASPCA has updated their SB 250 action alert.

If you’re a resident of Louisiana please visit: to send a message to your House Rep asking them to OPPOSE SB 250.

For added impact follow-up with a polite phone call. You can find your House Rep:

If you’re not from Louisiana please share this post so we can reach more Louisiana residents. Thank You.

Warren Triche Speaks Out Against SB 250   Leave a comment


Note: As a Louisiana State Representative in 2006, Warren Triche, Jr. sponsored the bill limiting or restricting the private ownership of big cats.

Please continue to take action against SB 250 which is still listed as “Subject To Call.” You can track the bill here:

It is especially important for Louisiana Residents to demonstrate their opposition to this bill. An easy contact form from ASPCA can be found at: Please follow-up with a phone call to your Senator. More information provided at the aforementioned link.

Actions for Louisiana Non-Residents:

Please also leave your comments against SB 250 at the direct link to this article:

Let’s continue to stand strong against this egregious bill specifically targeted to KEEP Tony at the truck stop.

Letter: Bill would reverse protection

As I understand the present-day scenario for Tony the Tiger’s situation, I would like to present the following for the general public’s information.

In 2006, as a Louisiana state representative, I sponsored the bill limiting or restricting the private ownership of large cats, which passed overwhelmingly in both houses of the Legislature. One of the animals we were specifically concerned about was a Siberian-Bengal tiger named Tony.

Tony now stands to lose his hard-won legal protections because of a bill about to cross our state Senate floor. The tiger already has spent too many years pacing away at a local truck stop as a business gimmick for Tony’s keeper — do you think this is what Louisiana voters want? Tony deserves to be protected by the law, and Louisianans are calling on public servants within the state Legislature to defend existing protections for tigers.

This bill, Senate Bill 250, was rushed through a Senate committee last month with very little, if any, notice to those who would have appeared at the hearing to oppose the measure. With it, it seems there is an attempt now being made to circumvent a decision that has already been decided by the three-tiered court system, including the Appeals and the Supreme Court. Apparently, this is a back-door approach through the legislative process to undo what the courts have decided, by making a grandfather-type clause for Tony’s continued captivity.

Beginning in 2000, Tony has been displayed at the truck stop and subjected to harmful fumes and excessive noise in a concrete-floored cage for more than a decade. That’s why — along with Louisiana taxpayers and the national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund — many, many concerned citizens and groups have been involved in a yearslong battle to ensure that Tony’s best interests are protected by law. In 2011, we successfully sued the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for unlawfully issuing Tony’s keeper(s) a permit to continue exhibiting Tony. In April 2013, the Court of Appeal ruled that Tony’s owner was ineligible for a permit to continue Tony’s captivity. This victory was allowed to stand by the Louisiana Supreme Court in October.

We hope our fellow lawmakers will do their just service to our state — and to Tony — and uphold the laws of the land. Tigers of Tony’s age are retired to sanctuaries all the time, and moving him should pose little risk, if done properly. Let us allow Tony to live out his remaining years in the quiet, clean air and soft grasses of a reputable sanctuary, as he deserves.

Warren Triche Jr.

Former State Representative

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Thanks  ASPCA for updating their SB 250 Action Alert

This is for Louisiana Residents:
What You Can Do
The Senate is reconsidering S.B. 250 and could vote again as early as TODAY ~ Monday, May 5! Please take action immediately for Tony and Louisiana’s exotic cats.

1. Look up your state senator and see how he or she voted:

If he or she voted NO on S.B. 250, please thank them. If he or she voted YES, please politely ask them to reconsider their vote and vote NO! You can use the form at the link below to send an email to your state senator today expressing your opposition to this dangerous bill.

2. Then, please follow up with a quick, polite phone call and leave a message asking your state senator to vote NO on S.B. 250. You can look up your state senator’s name and phone number here:

Thank you, Louisiana!

NOTE: Actions for Louisiana Non-Residents can be found here:

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