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ALDF: “We will continue fighting for Tony, in Candy’s honor”   Leave a comment

From Stephen Wells – Executive Director of The Animal Legal Defense Fund | April 24, 2017

On Friday afternoon, the Animal Legal Defense Fund received devastating news; Candy the chimpanzee had died. To hear of any animal’s death is heartbreaking, but losing Candy was especially difficult. For decades, Candy was held captive at Dixie Landin’ amusement park in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in lonely, cramped captivity and without any interaction with other chimps. Her isolation was torture.

In November 2015 we filed a lawsuit against Sam Haynes and the Dixie Landin’ amusement park under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) for inhumanely confining Candy in isolation and neglecting her welfare. We also made multiple offers to transfer her to a sanctuary capable of meeting the needs of such a complex, intelligent, social creature. It is a tragedy that Candy spent her final days in such conditions.

I’m writing to tell you about this today because I want you to know that we will never stop fighting for animals like Candy. Everyone here at the Animal Legal Defense Fund is heartbroken over Candy, but this terrible loss highlights the urgency of similar cases of animals in captivity.

For six years we have had litigation pending to release Tony, a 16-year-old tiger in potentially declining health held captive at a truck stop less than an hour away from where Candy was held. I assure you that we will continue fighting for Tony, in Candy’s honor. 

I wish I never had to write to you with such sad news, but it’s important to us at the Animal Legal Defense Fund that everyone knows we will never forget Candy, and we will never stop working to save animals like her and Tony.

Thank you for your tireless effort to help us release Candy from her barren cage. May she rest in peace now.

For the animals,

Stephen E. Wells
Executive Director

Please Support Tony’s Friend Krisitn Bauer In Her Efforts To Help Chimpanzees   Leave a comment

Click here to sign petition to help chimps!!

Thanks to everyone who took action for captive U.S. Tigers and also for the animals killed in the Zanesville tragedy.

Tony has so many wonderful friends dedicated to him who support his relocation to an accredited big cat sanctuary and who also care about other animals in need of help.

Kristin Bauer of True Blood has been a tremendous advocate for Tony. In turn, can we please support Kristin’s petition to help chimpanzees in the United States? Please sign and share the petition U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Protect All Chimpanzees.

Supporting each other is so important so we can effectively help all animals who deserve our advocacy, respect and protection. Thank You.

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