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Reminder: Roar 4 Tony on Twitter! Sunday Feb. 3 @ 5pmEST   Leave a comment



Not in EST? Find your time to ROAR here:

We’ve been getting great support from our friends on Twitter for Tony’s Twitterstorm, a.k.a. ROAR-A-THON, scheduled for February 3rd @ 5pmEST; lots of tweets networking the information and people asking about Tony.

Share the event on Facebook: so we can get more people involved.

We’ll be raising awareness and support for Tony by letting people know he’s still at the truck, the next court date, his petition etc. and for captive tigers and big cats in the U.S. by networking information about The Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act.

We’ll be trending the hashtag #FreeTonyTiger.

Here are some tips about Sunday’s event from our friend @ARCrusade:

  • Don’t tweet too much the day of (before) the event.
  • Very few countdowns only.
  • Tweet as fast as possible.
  • We must tweet fast for an hour straight.
  • Copy+Paste tweets are more efficient than RTs (retweets) and are fast.
  • Always include hashtag #FreeTonyTiger in every tweet.

Some tweets we’ll be using you can copy but feel free to compose your own:

We Love Tony! @TonyTiger2000 || #FreeTonyTiger

Tony deserves a proper home @ a reputable big cat sanctuary! #FreeTonyTiger

Let Tony @TonyTiger2000 Hear Our ROARS! #FreeTonyTiger ‏

ROAR FOR TONY!! Join Our Twitter Storm 4 @TonyTiger2000 Going on NOW!! Help Us Trend ►► #FreeTonyTiger ‏◄◄

Tiger kept as a roadside attraction @ truck stop?? #FreeTonyTiger

Plz Sign Petition: LDWF: Ensure Tony The Tiger Is Released To A Reputable Sanctuary || #FreeTonyTiger

Nominate @TonyTiger2000 4 a shorty award: Help Raise Awareness 4 Captive Tigers || #FreeTonyTiger

@ALDF Back in court 4 @TonyTiger2000 on Feb. 19th! || #FreeTonyTiger

Join Tony’s @TonyTiger2000’s Facebook Page: || #FreeTonyTiger

@TonyTiger2000 is 1 of the est. 5,000+ privately owned tigers in U.S. Appx. 3,200 tigers left in the wild #FreeTonyTiger

Supporting Tony: @LeoDiCaprio @IanSomerhalder Help Us Trend #FreeTonyTiger ‏

Supporting Tony: @BauerVanStraten @Barbi_Twins @SamFoxCom Help Us Trend #FreeTonyTiger ‏

Tigers Don’t Belong @ Truck Stops!! @TonyTiger2000 Deserves A Home @ a Reputable Sanctuary! #FreeTonyTiger

In 2003, 3 tigers were taken from Tiger Truck Stop – @TonyTiger2000 was left behind || #FreeTonyTiger

Judge has ruled twice that no further permits can be issued 2 keep Tony – he remains @ the truck stop ILLEGALLY #FreeTonyTiger

Watch @ALDF’s video 4 @TonyTiger2000: ALDF is committed 2 Tony’s release 2 a reputable sanctuary #FreeTonyTiger

True Blood’s Kristin Bauer @BauerVanStraten Speaks Out for Tony the Tiger Watch: || #FreeTonyTiger

2006 Louisiana state law prohibits private ownership of #tigers. || #FreeTonyTiger

Support Big Cats & Public Safety Protection Act!! Take Action: HR 4122 & S 3547 #FreeTonyTiger

WATCH: CUTE TIGER CUBS – Robbed from the Cradle || #FreeTonyTiger

WATCH: Tigers in the U.S. & learn more about the serious issue of captive tigers #FreeTonyTiger

WATCH: Backyard Tigers of America In some states it’s legal to own big cats as pets! #FreeTonyTiger

Did you know that there are more tigers in American backyards than left in the wild? || #FreeTonyTiger

@WCSanctuary is one big cat sanctuary that has offered a forever home 4 @TonyTiger2000 || #FreeTonyTiger

No More Wild Pets! Tiger Exotic Pet PSA via @wcsanctuary | #FreeTonyTiger

@BigCatRescue has been very supportive of @TonyTiger2000 & also has a home waiting 4 him || #FreeTonyTiger

From ALDF: Tony, the Truck Stop Tiger 11.29.2012   Leave a comment

tony 01The Truck Stops Here…

From the stench of fuel to the drone of diesel engines and the isolation of his roadside prison, Tony, a 12 year-old Siberian-Bengal tiger, has endured more than a decade of misery at the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, Louisiana. That is why the Animal Legal Defense Fund has taken to the Louisiana courts to free Tony the Tiger from this truck stop nightmare. We won our lawsuit to prevent Tony’s “owner” Michael Sandlin from renewing his permit, but Sandlin appealed, and we are waiting for the Louisiana Court of Appeal to hear the case. Sandlin subsequently filed his own lawsuit to overturn the state’s ban on big cat ownership. ALDF sought to have the case dismissed and is waiting for the trial court to decide if the suit will move forward.

Sandlin has exploited tigers for over 20 years: buying, breeding, selling, and exhibiting tigers in poor conditions for his own profit. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has cited Sandlin’s truck stop in the past for unsanitary feeding practices; mishandling tigers; and failure to provide veterinary care, shelter from inclement weather, clean drinking water, and knowledgeable employees to care for the tigers. In 2003, Sandlin’s animal welfare violations sparked public outcry, and three tigers were removed to a Tennessee sanctuary. The USDA allowed Sandlin to keep one tiger: Tony. He has been alone ever since.tony 02

Life at the truck stop is harmful to an animal with such sensitive hearing and acute sense of smell, says veterinarian Jennifer Conrad, who has cared for captive large cats for nearly two decades. After visiting Tony, she declared he is “in poor condition and needs intervention on his behalf.” In addition to exposure to noise and diesel fumes, Tony is taunted by truck stop visitors. His enclosure lacks adequate enrichment. He has no pool of water to cool off in the blazing heat of the summer. As a result of this stressful confinement, Tony constantly paces in his enclosure, putting him at risk for dangerous and painful veterinary conditions.

His suffering demonstrates the problem of privately-owned tigers, whose numbers exceed that of wild tigers. There are less than 500 Siberian and only 2,500 Bengal tigers left in the wild. In their natural habitat, tigers live alone, travel many miles to hunt, and avoid humans.

ALDF Sues to Have Tony Freed

In 2010, ALDF sued the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) for unlawfully issuing Sandlin a permit to keep and exhibit Tony. ALDF was joined by several Louisiana residents as co-plaintiffs, including Warren Triche, the state representative who authored the Louisiana state law banning private ownership of tigers. In November 2011, Judge Michael Caldwell ordered LDWF to revoke Sandlin’s permit and prohibited the agency from issuing future permits. Sandlin appealed this decision to the Louisiana Court of Appeal for the First Circuit. We have briefed the case and are awaiting an oral argument date. Once the court hears our arguments, we will await a final decision. Meanwhile, Sandlin continues to exhibit Tony without a permit.

LDWF publicly stated it intends to enforce Louisiana law when litigation has concluded—although they could seize Tony now, at their discretion. State law bars Sandlin from owning and exhibiting a tiger because he did not legally own Tony when Louisiana’s big cat ban went into effect, and because Sandlin does not live on the premises where Tony is held captive. After all, who would want to live in a truck stop? Not Sandlin… and definitely not Tony.

ALDF Intervenes to Defend Big Cat Law

After losing his permit, Sandlin filed his own lawsuit against the State of Louisiana, the LDWF, and Iberville Parish to overturn the state ban on private possession of big cats. This suit flies in the face of national sentiment, public safety, and animal welfare concerns. After the massacre of 48 exotic animals in Ohio in 2011, state and federal bills (like HR 4122) are being considered to prohibit ownership of big cats. Although ALDF was not named as a defendant in Sandlin’s suit, we successfully petitioned the court to allow us to intervene in the case to support Louisiana’s right to safeguard public safety and the welfare of animals like Tony. LDWF and ALDF each filed exceptions to Sandlin’s case, seeking to have the lawsuit dismissed, and a decision is expected soon.

Next Steps: We Wait While Tony Paces

The world waits with bated breath for the results of ALDF’s suit and of Sandlin’s appeal. Meanwhile Tony remains trapped at the truck stop. ALDF’s legal battle for Tony has drawn support from high profile advocates like Leonardo DiCaprio and True Blood’s Kristin Bauer van Straten and has galvanized activists around the world. The law firm of Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell, & Berkowitz, P.C. is providing pro bono assistance.

We are currently waiting for the Louisiana Court of Appeal to hear our case. We are also waiting for the trial court to decide if Sandlin’s suit will move forward. Tony’s fate is tied up in the courts, but ALDF is keeping the pressure on.

We will post updates on Tony’s case as they become available.

NOTE: Article courtesy of  Animal Legal Defense Fund. You can leave a comment of thanks to ALDF and support for Tony at the end of this article here: on ALDF’s Facebook page: and retweet on Twitter:

Let’s continue our positive dedicated advocacy on behalf of Tony. Thank you.

Report: DiCaprio plans animal-poach film   Leave a comment

Re-posting this article that mentions Tony. For the article concerning Mr. DiCaprio’s support for Tony see:

Published: Aug. 27, 2012 at 5:24 PM

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 27 (UPI) — Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy and Tobey Maguire are working to produce an animal-trafficking film like the U.S. crime drama “Traffic,” a trade daily reported.

The unnamed Warner Bros. Pictures film would look at animal trafficking from a number of perspectives, similar to 2000’s “Traffic,” directed by Steven Soderbergh and written by Stephen Gaghan, The Hollywood Reporter said.

“Traffic,” adapted from the British TV series “Traffik,” explores the illegal-drug trade from the perspective of a user, an enforcer, a politician and a trafficker, with their stories edited together.

In this case, the story would look at trafficking from different angles including those of the ground war on poachers in the African savannah and how animal material ends up in Paris fashion houses, the newspaper said.

The trio are looking for a screenplay writer, the Reporter said.

English actor Hardy — who played arch-villain Bane in Christopher Nolan‘s recent Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises” — came up with the new film’s idea, the Reporter said.

He was inspired by friends who are former Special Forces operatives and later became anti-poacher fighters in South Africa and other countries, the newspaper said.

Maguire — best known for his role as Peter Parker aka Spider-Man in Sam Raimi‘s “Spider-Man” film trilogy — has been good friends with DiCaprio since their early-career days, when they found themselves auditioning for roles opposite each other.

The pair made an informal pact to help each other get parts in their movies, TV shows and other projects.

They both star in the 3D romantic drama “The Great Gatsby,” to be released next year.

DiCaprio is longtime animal-rights activist. He donated $1 million to New York’s Wildlife Conservation Society in 2010 and joined a so-far-unsuccessful campaign by California’s Animal Legal Defense Fund to free a tiger named Tony, who has spent a decade in a roadside cage at the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, La.

DiCaprio became the spokesman last year for a campaign organized by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to protect elephants.

From PawNation: Celebs Who Support The Paws – Tony & Leo   Leave a comment

While reading this article: Vet Saves His Own Cat’s Life After Car Accident on PawNation there was a link to a photo gallery of celebrities who advocate for animals  – look who was found while browsing through it:

Mr. DiCaprio voiced his support for Tony on Twitter and Facebook last year stating “We Need To Act Now”

Thanks to all of Tony’s friends for remaining positive and supportive of Tony and the tremendous efforts of The Animal Legal Defense Fund and Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC

Latest update from ALDF can be found at: Making Sense of the Current Status of the Tony the Tiger Cases

Please also visit the direct link to the photo gallery:

Petitions for Tony are still open; please sign and share. Petition For Tony – January 16, 2012

Care2 Petition For Tony Is Still Open (Over 50,000 Signatures)

Victory! Tiger Truck Stop’s Permit Revoked   Leave a comment

On Wednesday, Judge Michael Caldwell of the East Baton Rouge District Court ruled in favor of a motion filed by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) to free Tony, a siberian-bengal tiger, from his concrete prison at the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, LA, where he exists as an attraction for his owner Michael Sandlin.

The ruling will force the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) to revoke the permit that has allowed Sandlin to keep Tony for all these years. Not only will the current permit be revoked, but the LDWF will also be prohibited from issuing the Tiger Truck Stop any new permits to keep tigers.

Tony has lived at the Tiger Truck Stop since 2000, he’s been alone there since 2003. His plight has garnered the attention of travelers, animal lovers and celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio and Kristin Bauer who have been fighting for years to have him freed from the cage where he’s been stuck surrounded by the constant sound and smell of trucks and diesel engines.

Last May, Caldwell issued a similar ruling granting the ALDF’s request for a permanent injunction against the LDWF, preventing them from renewing Sandlin’s annual permit as of December on the grounds that it was illegal for them to issue one in the first place, but the Louisiana Court of Appeals overturned the ruling on the basis that Sandlin should have been part of the lawsuit, which led to a new trial.

“We are thrilled that the court made the right decision,” said ALDF Executive Director Stephen Wells. “We will continue to do everything we can to make sure Tony’s next home is a reputable, accredited sanctuary that can give Tony the life he deserves.”

Related Stories:

Truck Stop Tiger Ruling Overturned

Victory! ALDF Wins Freedom for Tony the Truck Stop Tiger

Lawsuit Filed to Free Truck Stop Tiger

Should people be allowed to keep tigers as pets?

Vote at this link:

Attorneys Fighting to Free Tony the Truck Stop Tiger Head Back to Court for New Trial   1 comment

November 1st, 2011

Court Will Rule on Standing of Tony Supporters to Fight for Him in Court, Will Once Again Decide His Fate

For immediate release

Lisa Franzetta, Animal Legal Defense Fund
Megan Backus, Animal Legal Defense Fund

Baton Rouge, La. – Tomorrow morning, the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) and outraged Louisiana residents return to East Baton Rouge District Court to square off against the owner of the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, La., where Tony, a Siberian-Bengal tiger, has been confined as a roadside exhibit for over a decade. The same court granted ALDF’s original request for a permanent injunction in May 2011, a ruling that would have prevented the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries from renewing in December the annual permit that allows Michael Sandlin, owner of the Tiger Truck Stop, to keep Tony on display. In August, the Louisiana Court of Appeals ruled that Michael Sandlin and the Tiger Truck Stop must be named as defendants in the lawsuit and ordered a new trial, vacating the trial court’s earlier decision. In addition to this new trial, the Court will consider a motion by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to contest the plaintiffs’ standing to bring the lawsuit to free Tony.


Wednesday, November 2, 9:00 a.m.

East Baton Rouge District Courthouse
Room 8B (Judge R. Michael Caldwell’s courtroom)
300 North Boulevard, Baton Rouge

Since ALDF filed its original lawsuit in April 2011, it has argued that the Department violated state law in granting the permit to Michael Sandlin. In tomorrow’s hearing, the Court will again hear ALDF’s argument that Sandlin’s permit to own and display Tony should be invalidated, and that Tony should be released into the custody of ALDF or an accredited animal sanctuary where he can receive care and treatment and live out his life in a more natural environment, free from the 24-hour exposure to noise and diesel fumes and the taunts of visitors. ALDF is requesting both a permanent injunction, which would mean the state could not renew Sandlin’s permit in December, and a mandatory injunction, which would require that Sandlin’s current permit be revoked. The Court may choose to issue a decision in the case immediately following the hearing.

Tony has been on exhibit at the Tiger Truck Stop since 2000; he has lived there with no other tiger companions since 2003. ALDF’s lawsuit to free Tony has drawn the support of high profile advocates like Leonardo DiCaprio and True Blood’s Kristin Bauer and has galvanized activists around the world. The law offices of Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell, & Berkowitz, P.C. are providing pro bono assistance with the lawsuit.

“The Animal Legal Defense Fund is confident that the trial court got the law right the first time around and will again make the best decision for Tony,” says ALDF Executive Director Stephen Wells. “We would like nothing more than for Tony to spend this New Year’s in the comfort of an accredited sanctuary that is far better equipped to meet his basic needs and to give him the kind of life he deserves.”

Important!! Roar On For Tony   2 comments

Photo Courtesy: ISF_Louisiana

We are very appreciative of the recent decision on May 6, 2011 by Judge R. Michael Caldwell who granted a permanent injunction barring the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries from issuing any further permits to Tony’s owner Mr. Michael Sandlin. While the decision is a positive action for Tony, the court refused to order the LDWF to revoke the current permit, which expires on December 14, 2011. Tony remains at the truck stop until then.

“Even though the court refused to order the Department to revoke the current permit, the Department retains the authority to do so on its own if it chooses.” Source:

There is no reason why Tony must languish and suffer at the truck stop until mid December. It’s important to continue supporting Tony and advocating for his early release to an accredited, reputable and humane big cat sanctuary and to keep his story highly visible.

Two such sanctuaries, Big Cat Rescue of Tampa FL and The Wildcat Sanctuary of Sandstone MN both have publicly offered homes for Tony where he would be provided with a natural habitat, proper diet, medical care, and enrichment.

How You Can Help Tony:

You can support Tony by signing and sharing his two ALDF sponsored petitions: and

It’s very important that all correspondence for Tony be done in a respectable focused manner. While we are all very passionate and concerned about Tony, his health and welfare, please remember polite and focused letters have a better chance of being addressed and our concerns taken seriously. When you advocate for Tony, you are representing him – he deserves the utmost respect as do the individual(s) we are writing to. You can use the text of the ALDF petitions listed above as references to construct your letter.

Voice your concerns for Tony, for the current permit to be revoked and for Tony to be relocated to a reputable, established, humane accredited big cat sanctuary that will meet all of his needs to:

Secretary Robert J. Barham
Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
P.O. Box 98000
Baton Rouge, LA70898

Phone: (225) 765-2623
Fax: (225) 765-2607

You can also try these e-mail addresses for Mr. Barham; recent correspondence has not bounced back:

Online e-mail contact form for the LDWF:


Please continue to share Tony’s story and the petition links with friends, family, on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, etc. Links to recent ALDF posts:

Answers to Your Questions About ALDF’s Win for Tony the Tiger:

Victory in Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Lawsuit to Free Tony the Truck Stop Tiger:


Sincere Thanks to The Animal Legal Defense Fund, the attorneys of Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC, Mr. Warren Triche, Louisiana residents who spoke out for Tony, Big Cat Rescue of Tampa FL, The Wildcat Sanctuary of Sandstone MN,, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kristin Bauer, Ian Somerhalder, and to ALL of Tony’s friends around the world for caring and never giving up on him. Roar On…

ALDF and Baker Donelson Join Forces to Free Tony the Truck Stop Tiger   Leave a comment

This post from Tony’s good friends Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC who provided pro bono assitance to The Animal Legal Defense Fund on behalf of Tony. Tony’s supporters greatly appreciate the tremendous dedication from both The ALDF and the attorneys of Baker & Donelson in obtaining a victory for Tony.

May 17, 2011 3:36 PM | Posted by Borden, Lisa

Pro bono work is nearly always rewarding (in the truest sense), but the joy of helping someone in need is also often tinged with sadness at the client’s plight. Often we are able to solve one part of the client’s situation, maybe even a major part, but overall life circumstances remain difficult. It’s not often we get to savor the sheer enjoyment of freeing a client from a life of confinement and mistreatment. Even less often is that client a Siberian tiger named Tony . . . .

Tony the Truck Stop Tiger is a ten-year old tiger who has lived virtually his entire life as a roadside attraction at a Louisiana truck stop. Sadly, Tony has been kept in a small bare cage at the side of the road, used to draw tourists to the truck stop. This magnificent animal’s existence has been reduced to pacing back and forth while cars and trucks drive past belching exhaust fumes, and people stand outside his cage to point and stare at him.

Tony’s plight is especially sad when you realize that there are more privately owned tigers in the United States today than are left in the wild throughout the world. Like Tony, many of them are kept as sideshows and photo opportunities, living in mean conditions without companionship, room to roam, or any semblance of a natural environment. While state and federal authorities fortunately have come to realize over the years how inhumane these situations are, it is taking far too long for new laws and regulations to catch up with those owners who are more interested in making a buck.

We first learned about Tony’s captivity from our friends at the Animal Legal Defense Fund. ALDF was founded by a group of lawyers in 1979, and since that time has been fighting every day for humane treatment of animals and strong enforcement of anti-cruelty laws. Over the years, ALDF has come to the rescue of mistreated animals in substandard shelters, endangered species imperiled by environmental threats, animals being tortured in the name of research, and animals being improperly hunted, just to name a few. Lucky for Tony that the ALDF took up his cause, aided by high profile support from Hollywood luminaries like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kristen Bauer.

We admire the ALDF’s dedication to the defense of animals, and were pleased when they asked us to join their fight to free Tony from the truck stop. Together with ALDF, our New Orleans pro bono team of Monica A. Frois, Erin Pelleteri and Brandy N. Sheely requested a permanent injunction against the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to prevent the Department from renewing the annual permit that allows the owner of Grosse Tete’s Tiger Truck Stop to display Tony. On Friday, May 6, 2011, a judge in East Baton Rouge District Court granted the ALDF’s request, paving the way for Tony to be released to a better environment when the current permit expires in December 2011.  ALDF is now exploring possibilities for Tony’s new home in a wildlife sanctuary.

“We’re relieved that Tony will be in an environment that is more humane and far more suitable than a cage at a truck stop,” said Monica Frois. “We knew the law was on our side and are proud that we were able to assist the ALDF in ensuring that Tony’s cause was heard.”

Oh, and we want Leo DiCaprio’s autograph . . . .

From Animal Talkies: VICTORY FOR TONY, the Truck Stop Tiger!   Leave a comment

Another wonderful post for Tony from radio broadcaster and musician Karishmeh Felfeli’s animal welfare and compassionate living blog: Animal Talkies.  Dirtect link: Thanks to Karismeh for caring about Tony and supporting him.  Follow Animal Talkies on Twitter @animaltalkies

VICTORY FOR TONY, the Truck Stop Tiger!

 Breaking News….Victory for Tony

 A couple of months ago, I wrote about a beautiful tiger called Tony, the 10 year old Bengal/Siberian used as a roadside attraction in Louisiana. The only life Tony has known is one in a hideous truck stop, breathing fumes from vehicles, and used as a tourist attraction for passers-by to gawk at. After a very, very long campaign (just over three years) thousands of petition signatures, and blogs, videos and articles published all over the world (including messages from celebrities such as Leonardo di Caprio and Ian Somerhalder who is originally from Louisiana), a judge has FINALLY ruled in favour of Tony and against his owner Michael Sandlin. I cannot describe how elated I feel, especially since when this great news broke, I was actually in hospital after an accident and missed the moment this victorious ruling was made. On 6th May 2011, Judge R. Michael Caldwell granted a permanent injunction which blocks The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries from issuing a new permit to Tony’s owner Michael Sandlin. READ MORE ABOUT THIS HISTORIC RULING HERE
VICTORY FOR TONY!!! And VICTORY for all those who have worked tirelessly, campaigning on behalf of this beautiful animal. Captive tigers continue to be a growing problem in the United States, and Tony is not the only privately owned tiger. If I met the legal team from the Animal Legal Defense Fund I think I would touch their feet in gratitude (no exaggeration) for securing this victory for Tony. I cannot wait for the day he leaves his horrible truck stop behind and goes to a beautiful sanctuary where he can live the rest of his days in peace. I know he will not know life in the wild, as a tiger ought to, but surely his quality of life will be much improved, free from the noise and fumes of his truck stop home. 
I have written letters, campaigned, blogged and tweeted, and as one of the thousands of people who has been fighting for Tony, this feels like a very personal victory. Never believe one person can’t make a difference, for in doing what you can, in some small way, you are giving a voice to the voiceless, and speaking up against the injustices that take place every second of every day. I am now going to support the Animal Legal Defense Fund from halfway across the world, because they have proven that NOBODY is above the law and no case is too difficult to fight for, when it comes to the welfare of our fellow creatures.
It’s been a very difficult week, but I feel strangely optimistic about things. We can make a difference, so lets never stop trying, fighting ad doing what we can to help the animals and human beings that need us the most. And much gratitude goes to Judge R. Michael Caldwell for doing the right thing and making the obvious ruling for Tony’s welfare in this case.


@FreeTonyTiger on Twitter 

Posted by Karishmeh at 4:09 AM

Leonardo Networks The Good News!   1 comment

Thanks again to Leonardo DiCaprio for networking the news of Tony’s win in court as the Animal Legal Defense Fund was victorious in their lawsuit against The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Please support Tony’s “wild cousins” by visiting http://www.savetigersnow, a global campaign by World Wildlife Fund and Leonardo DiCaprio whose objective is to build political, financial and public support to double the number of wild tigers by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger.

There are an estimated 3,200 tigers left in the wild – in the USA there are approximately 5,000 privately owned tigers. View the videos below courtesy of The World Wildlife Fund and Big Cat Rescue – Tampa, Florida and for more information:

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