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Tony: 13 Years At Tiger Truck Stop   Leave a comment

Photo Courtesy “Mark of the Beast”

According to the sign posted on Tony’s cage, he was born in July 2000; this month marks his 13th year.

While his case continues to be battled out in the courts – it’s important to remain positive and supportive for Tony and continue to network for him:

Share Animal Legal Defense Fund’s page for Tony and ALDF’s latest update from the April 25th hearing Victory in ALDF’s Tony the Tiger Case!

Sign and share his petition; Petitions are a good way to keep people supportive, involved as well as demonstrate the interest and support Tony has worldwide.

Join ~ Follow ~ Share these social networking sites for Tony

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If you visit Tony,  document your visit with pictures and/or video and please share them. Send us a link via Twitter, on Tony’s Facebook page or email:

Thanks to ALL of Tony’s friends – your support and dedication to this beautiful tiger is greatly appreciated and so very important in working towards the home and life Tony deserves.

Special Thanks to Animal Legal Defense Fund and  Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell and Berkowitz
for their extraordinary representation of Tony and dedication to his case.


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