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Reminder and Tweets For Wig It Up Wednesday Feb. 12th!   Leave a comment

shortyWe hope that everyone who tweets joins us tomorrow ~ Wednesday February 12th ~ for a special “Wig It Up” Wednesday. Tony’s Twitter friends @JeffMusk and @cafrindorrell have organized tomorrow’s event to raise awareness for Tony and captive tigers in the United States as well as Tony’s Shorty Awards nomination.

See our previous post for more information: and Jeff’s post:

We thought it would a great idea to provide some tweets that you’re welcome to copy and paste for tomorrow. They include facts about Tony, videos about the captive tiger situation, Tony’s Shorty Award nomination, and how you can support a very important bill “The Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act.” There are also graphics you can use to add to your tweets when you scroll past the tweets below – adding more to this post shortly. Please use the hashtags #WigItUp & #FreeTonyTiger – who knows, maybe we’ll trend!

Keeping Tony’s story and that of the captive tiger/big cat crisis is vital and we’re looking forward to a successful event tomorrow. Thanks again for everyone’s continued support of Tony.

Tweets For Wig It Up Wednesday – February 12th, 2014

We Love Tony! @TonyTiger2000 || #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

@TonyTiger2000 deserves a proper home @ a reputable big cat sanctuary! #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

Let Tony @TonyTiger2000 Hear Our ROARS! #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

ROAR FOR @TonyTiger2000 & Captive #Tigers!! || #WigItUp Going on NOW!! #FreeTonyTiger

#Tiger kept ILLEGALLY as a roadside attraction @ #Louisiana truck stop ~ #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

Petition: @LDWF: Enforce Louisiana Law! Ensure Tony Is Released 2 Reputable Sanctuary || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

WATCH @TonyTiger2000’s @shortyawards campaign video & VOTE!! || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

Nominate @TonyTiger2000 4 a @ShortyAwards: Help Raise Awareness 4 Captive #Tigers! || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

Tweet & Add a Reason after Because: I nominate @TonyTiger2000 for a Shorty Award in #nonhuman because… || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

With just 1 Tweet YOU Can ROAR 4 @TonyTiger2000 & Captive #Tigers! Vote Here:

Learn more about @TonyTiger2000’s nomination: || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

Did you know @TonyTiger2000 was featured in the @NYTimes?! || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

Great pictures of @TonyTiger2000 via his good friend @puppyprotector1 ~ || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

Say hello 2 @TonyTiger2000’s beautiful tweetheart @LucyLiberte & support her petition: || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

Meet @TonyTiger2000 ‘s bestest #LittleBuddy ~ @IAmSmittyKitty ~ a pawsome furiend to ALL #anipals! || #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

Two of @TonyTiger2000’s warriors @danapixie & @HRHDuchessII – rocking the @shortyawards with their tweets! || #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

Join @TonyTiger2000′s Facebook Page: || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

Get Social with @TonyTiger2000 on @Instagram: || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

Get Social with @TonyTiger2000 on @Youtube: || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

Check out @TonyTiger2000’s WordPress blog: || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

@TonyTiger2000 is 1 of the est. 5,000+ privately owned tigers in U.S. Appx. 3,200 tigers left in the wild || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

#Tigers Don’t Belong @ Truck Stops!! @TonyTiger2000 || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

In 2003, 3 #tigers taken from Tiger Truck Stop – @TonyTiger2000 left behind || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

@ALDF is commited 2 @TonyTiger2000’s release 2 a reputable sanctuary! WATCH: || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

True Blood’s @BauerVanStraten Speaks Out 4 @TonyTiger2000 || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

2006 #Louisiana state law prohibits private ownership of #tigers! || #FreeTonyTiger ‏~ #WigItUp

Learn more about Big Cats & Public Safety Protection Act!! #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

Watch @BigCatRescue’s #tiger Zabu in their 2.5 acre Vacation Rotation! || #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

Est.10,000 big cats kept in U.S. by private owners. || #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

WATCH: Baby #Tigers To Go Cubs used in Pay4Play &photo ops! || #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

WATCH: CUTE TIGER CUBS – Robbed from the Cradle! || #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

WATCH: #Tigers in the U.S. & learn more about the serious issue of captive tigers #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

WATCH: Backyard #Tigers of America In some states it’s legal to own big cats as pets! #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

Did you know that there are more #tigers in American backyards than left in the wild? || #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

@WCSanctuary is one big cat sanctuary that has offered a home 4 @TonyTiger2000 || #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

No More Wild Pets! #Tiger Exotic Pet PSA via @wcsanctuary | #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

@BigCatRescue has also offered @TonyTiger2000 a home || #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

Can you imagine @TonyTiger2000 “On Vacation”? WATCH TJ #Tiger of @BigCatRescue ~ || #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

Tell the Senate to protect people & big cats! || #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

Tell the House to protect people and big cats! || #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

Is it legal to keep a #tiger as a backyard pet? WATCH: via @ALDF || #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

Help Captive Big Cats in the U.S. via @AnimalDefenders || #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

The Most Important Bill Ever to Protect Big Cats from Abuse! || #FreeTonyTiger ~ #WigItUp

Love & Thanks @JeffMusk & @cafrindorrell 4 organizing this special #WigItUp Wednesday 2 raise awareness 4 @TonyTiger2000 & captive #tigers!


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Take Action To Help Big Cats Like Tony! Big Cats & Public Safety Protection Act Re-Introduced   Leave a comment

ifaw big catsOn May 16th, 2012, U.S. Reps. Buck McKeon and Loretta Sanchez introduced the 2013 Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act (HR 1998), which would prohibit the private possession and breeding of captive big cats in the United States except at highly-qualified facilities like accredited zoos where they can be properly cared for and safely managed.

Please ask your Congress Member to co-sponsor this bill.

Easy Take Action Contact Form from IFAW here:

Read more about The Big Cats & Public Safety Protection Act and big cats in captivity at these links from International Fund For Animal Welfare:

and this press release from Congressman Buck McKeon:

Ask Your Congressperson to Support H.R.4122 – The Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act   Leave a comment

© Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources

Please ask your congressperson to support H.R.4122 – The Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act would prohibit private possession of big cats except at highly-qualified facilities like accredited zoos where they can be properly cared for and safely managed. 

Enter your zip code at this link:  for a fast easy way to voice your support of this bill and ask your congressperson to co-sponsor it. Please share the link. Thank You.

WWF – Latest News – Taking Tigers Out of American Backyards
Mar 01, 2012

Did you know that there are more tigers in American backyards than there are in the wild around the world?

Estimated at perhaps 5,000 tigers, they are found in:

  • backyards
  • urban apartments
  • sideshows
  • truck stops
  • private breeding facilities

For the past four years, WWF and TRAFFIC have raised the alarm on the lack of captive tiger regulation. Thanks to the “Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act” introduced by Congressman Howard “Buck” McKeon (R-CA) and Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) on February 29, 2012, the U.S. is now taking a step in the right direction.

“We welcome this important legislation because as the Zanesville incident showed, it’s critical for America to clear out captive big cats from our backyards,” says WWF’s Leigh Henry. “This is a matter not only of public safety, but also of preventing captive tigers from being fed into the massive illegal tiger trade driven by a booming black market for tiger products.”

If the bill passes, it will:

  • Prohibit private possession of big cats like tigers and lions except at highly-qualified facilities, like accredited zoos and sanctuaries, where they can be properly cared for and restrained.
  • Require any persons who currently possess big cats to register those animals with the USDA in order to keep the cats they currently own.
  • Outlaw the breeding of any big cat except at accredited zoos and research and educational institutions.

Violators could face stiff penalties including confiscation of animals, fines as much as $20,000 and up to five years in jail.

Senator John Kerry (D-MA) is working on introducing a companion bill in the Senate.

Learn more
Watch a video to learn how captive tigers impact wild tigers
Is your toilet paper linked to tiger habitat destruction?

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