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February 8, 2012: Tens of thousands of people have rallied around Tony the Tiger, an 11-year-old Siberian-Bengal tiger being kept at a truck stop just off I-10 in Gross Tete, Louisiana. And now, after years of protests and a court case, a Louisiana court has ruled that the permit allowing Tony to be held at the Tiger Truck Stop never should have been issued. Tony finally has a chance at freedom.

Unfortunately, though, no process has been laid out for where Tony should go if he’s removed from the Tiger Truck Stop. In other words, unless his owners or the Louisiana Department of Wildlife commit to transferring him to a reputable sanctuary, Tony could end up at a roadside zoo or a situation all too similar to the one he’s in now.

A group called Tony’s Friends started a petition on to get Tony to a sanctuary immediately. Click here to sign the petition started by Tony’s Friends to get Tony to a reputable sanctuary and out of the Tiger Truck Stop.

Louisiana state law prohibits private ownership of big cats, especially if they are on display (as Tony is at the truck stop).  And animal experts point to “stereotypic behavior” that indicates Tony is stressed from being deprived of exercising his most basic, wild instincts.

But public pressure is keeping Louisiana officials accountable — it sparked the judicial review that revoked the permit to keep Tony at the Tiger Truck Stop. Keeping up the pressure on Louisiana authorities can make sure that the courts’ decision now results in the only acceptable outcome — Tony being transferred to a big cat refuge.

Click here to sign the petition started by Tony’s Friends to get Tony out of the Tiger Truck Stop in Louisiana now, and to a reputable sanctuary.

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Note: Special Thanks to Stephanie Feldstein and for their support of Tony and his relocation to a reputable sanctuary. Please sign the petition and share the link to it   Keep Roaring For Tony!

From Success! Louisiana Truck Stop Loses Permit Renewal for Caged Tiger   Leave a comment has been very supportive of Tony and his relocation to an accredited big cat sanctuary and their coverage of Tony’s plight is greatly appreciated. Please take a moment to post a comment for Tony at the direct link:

by Stephanie Feldstein · May 09, 2011
Last week, the Animal Legal Defense Fund reported that a judge in East Baton Rouge District Court ruled that Tiger Truck Stop, owned by Michael Sandlin, has seen its last permit to keep Tony the tiger on display. Although the court did not revoke the current permit, it did issue a permanent injunction, preventing the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries from renewing the permit again come December, which means Tony will finally be headed for a new home.For the past year, Tony’s advocates have reached out to the community for help in freeing the tiger condemned to living in a cement-floored cage at a Louisiana truck stop, where he was constantly exposed to fumes, noisy engines, bright lights, and harassment from visitors. Thousands of members joined Tony’s advocates in calling for a boycott of Tiger Truck Stop and again in protesting the renewal of Tiger Truck Stop’s permit to display Tony.

In late December, the fight for Tony’s freedom was struck a blow when the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries renewed the permit despite the outcry for Tony’s freedom. Enter the Animal Legal Defense Fund. ALDF’s lawyers argued that the permit renewal was not only inhumane, it was also illegal.

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From The Fight for Tony the Truck Stop Tiger Heads to Court   Leave a comment

by Stephanie Feldstein · May 04, 2011

For Tony, the Siberian-Bengal tiger who spends his days as a roadside attraction at a Louisiana truck stop, this week feels as dismal as any other. But Tony’s advocates hope this week will mark the beginning of the end of his captivity.

On May 5, the Animal Legal Defense Fund will appear in East Baton Rouge District Court when the legal battle for Tony’s freedom begin. At that time, they will deliver your petition signatures to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Last week, Leonardo DiCaprio, a longtime advocate for tigers, urged his fans on Twitter and Facebook to help Tony. “Have you heard about Tony, a Siberian-Bengal tiger living at a truck stop in Louisiana?” DiCaprio wrote on Facebook. “This tiger has been living in a small inadequate and inhumane enclosure since 2003. We need to help the Animal Legal Defense Fund in urging the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to revoke the permit that allows this.”

Not only does LDWF have the power to revoke the permit that allows Tiger Truck Stop to keep Tony behind bars but, Animal Legal Defense Fund contends, it was illegal for them to issue the permit in the first place.

In court tomorrow, ALDF will begin to argue the case that the wildlife department violated state regulations on private ownership of big cats. As of 2006, tigers were no longer allowed as pets or exhibits in Louisiana, unless they were already legally owned and grandfathered in at the time the new regulations came into effect.

But ever since 1993, tigers haven’t been allowed in Tiger Truck Stop’s hometown of Iberville. So, as far as state law is concerned, Tony is contraband.

Officials have spent years ignoring the inhumane, illegal situation at Tiger Truck Stop. But then people began to learn about Tony. And they began to speak out for him.

As the call for his release to a sanctuary has grown into a roar, officials have been trying to backtrack. Iberville parish granted Tiger Truck Stop an exemption to keep Tony in 2009 … years too late to qualify for the state permit. Yet once again, in 2010, the state renewed the permit anyway.

What’s different now is that Tony has a legal team that’s forcing the wildlife department to answer for its inhumane inconsistencies in court. And Tony has you to keep his story in the spotlight and pressure the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to do the right thing and get Tony out of the truck stop and into a sanctuary.

Photo credit: Big Cat Rescue

Stephanie Feldstein is a Editor who has been part of the animal welfare and rescue community for over a decade, and most recently worked for an environmental organization.

From Animal Legal Defense Fund Sues for Truck Stop Tiger’s Freedom   Leave a comment

Thanks again to Stephanie Feldstein and for their continued support of Tony with this great article. Please share  and comment on the article and sign the ALDF sponsored petition: as well as the petition on the ALDF website:

Direct link to the following article:

Animal Legal Defense Fund Sues for Truck Stop Tiger’s Freedom

by Stephanie Feldstein · April 12, 2011
In her latest PSA to help animals, actress Kristin Bauer says, “My character, the vampire Pam on True Blood, fends for herself just fine in her unlikely Louisiana home. But for one wild animal in particular, Louisiana is that last place on earth he belongs.” She’s talking about Tony, a ten-year-old captive Siberian-Bengal tiger.It’s not just that tigers aren’t native to Louisiana. Tony lives in a concrete-floored enclosure at a truck stop, where he’s exposed to fumes, noise, and harassment from visitors 24-7. He has no enrichment, no way to engage in natural behaviors and he’s been alone since 2003. Tony spends his days pacing the concrete, a sign of stress that’s taking a physical toll on him, too.

Who would condemn an animal to this sad life? Well, besides the truck stop owner, local and state officials are to blame. Most recently, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, which granted a renewed permit allowing Tiger Truck Stop to continue to keep and exhibit Tony … A move that the Animal Legal Defense Fund argues is not only inhumane, but illegal.

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