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Contact Governor Jindal: 4 Actions To Take For Tony   5 comments

Please participate in these 4 actions directed at Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

State your concerns for Tony’s health and welfare and ask the Governor to address this serious animal welfare issue which is allowed to continue in his state. Please keep your correspondence on point and respectful – while we all are passionate about Tony’s situation, composed and courteous letters, phone calls, etc. have a better chance of being taken seriously. While it’s vital for all of us to participate, Louisiana residents have the opportunity to make a real impact by supporting these actions:

1. Call the Governor’s office: 1-225-342-7015 or 1-225-342-0991 This can be an ongoing call in – maybe if we’re consistent it’ll provoke a response.

2. Postal letters can be sent to:
Governor Bobby Jindal
Office of The Governor
P. O. Box 94004
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9004

3. Online e-mail contact form:

4. Follow Tony on Twitter:!/FreeTonyTiger and tweet this petition at Bobby Jindal:

RT @freetonytiger: Plz RT 2 Sign: Petition @BobbyJindal To Help Tony #Tiger @ #Louisiana #Truck Stop #FreeTonyTiger

Direct link to petition: You can reference the text of the petition for your letters to the Governor as well.

Thanks again to all of Tony’s friends for never giving up on him.

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