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Update on SB 250 ~ May 29, 2014   Leave a comment

free tony

May 28, 2014:

Despite brilliant legal testimony from ALDF’s Carter Dillard and Chris Green on behalf of Tony, and Pat Craig of The Wild Animal Sanctuary who  provided his expertise backed with 34 years of experience with rescuing big cats, the Louisiana House Natural Resources and Environment Committee passed SB 250, Senator Rick Ward’s bill to “exempt certain persons from the requirements of the big exotic cats rules” (specifically to allow Michael Sandlin to keep Tony at Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete Louisiana.) The final vote was 10 YES to 6 NO. The bill now moves to the House and is scheduled for floor debate on May 30, 2014.

sb 250 may 28 2014

Breakdown of the May 28, 2014 vote by the Louisiana House Natural Resources & Environment Committee.


LOUISIANA RESIDENTS: Please TAKE ACTION AGAINST SB 250. Contact your State House Representatives. Voice your OPPOSITION to this bill and ask them to vote NO on SB 250.

See this post from ALDF: and TAKE ACTION by entering your zip here to contact your representative:

Carter Dillard, Pat Craig and Chris Green provided excellent testimony against SB 250.

Carter Dillard, Pat Craig and Chris Green provided excellent testimony against SB 250.


We ALL can help Tony by sharing this information.

Once again THANK YOU Animal Legal Defense Fund, Chris Green, Carter Dillard, Pat Craig and EVERY ONE who is fighting for Tony and his release to a reputable sanctuary that will provide him the care, life, home and respect he deserves.

Update: SB 250 ~ May 28, 2014   Leave a comment

la seal tony update

SB 250 ( Rick Ward III‘s bill to EXEMPT Michael Sandlin from Louisiana’s Big Cat Law ) is scheduled TODAY  – WEDNESDAY MAY 28, 2014, on the Louisiana House Committee on Natural Resources and Environment agenda.

Meeting starts at 9:30amCST and is viewable here:

Actions for Louisiana residents to speak out AGAINST SB 250 can be found here:

For those of who are non-residents, please continue to share links and information in the aforementioned link via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. Thank You!

Legally Brief: @ALDF’s Case to Free Tony the Tiger   Leave a comment

Re-posting from ALDF

Posted by Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director on May 22, 2014

Legally Brief

Our campaign to free Tony the Tiger continues. What would it mean to “free” a 14 year-old Siberian-Bengal Tiger named Tony who has spent all his life in a small cage at a Louisiana truck stop? Freeing Tony would mean sending him to a reputable sanctuary, where he can finally have some peace in his lifetime and live like a tiger—rather than as a truck stop gimmick in a concrete prison pacing back and forth continuously, surrounded by noise and diesel truck exhaust. The Animal Legal Defense Fund has spent years in court fighting for Tony’s freedom. And we won—our victory was upheld by the Louisiana Court of Appeal, and the Louisiana State Supreme Court refused to revisit that decision. But Tony’s owner, having lost repeatedly in court, while continuing to display Tony illegally, has tried to sneak a bill, “SB 250,” through the Louisiana legislature that would allow him to skirt the law.

That’s why the Animal Legal Defense Fund works to protect animals by covering all the bases within the legal system. We work with legislatures to ensure laws reflect what’s best for animals. We work with law enforcement to ensure that these laws are actually enforced. And—in addition to our highly successful animal law education initiatives, with hundreds of student ALDF chapters in the top law schools in the land—when individuals violate the law, like Tony’s owner, we file suit and take them to court.

The Louisiana legislature is now considering “SB 250,” which, if passed, could essentially undo every victory ALDF has achieved for Tony and relegate him to a life living in a truck stop parking lot. The bill aims to “exempt certain persons from the requirements of the big exotic cats rules.” Exempting “certain persons” (meaning Tony’s owner) would not only remove Tony’s legal protections, but it would allow an individual like Tony’s owner to undermine the judicial process. Aside from keeping Tony imprisoned, passing such a bill would send the dangerous message that if you don’t like a law, you can just hire some lobbyists to try to rewrite it—in this case Louisiana’s ban on private ownership of tigers and other exotic cats. As that law’s sponsor, representative Warren Triche, notes, it was written specifically to prevent tragic situations like Tony’s. For this tiger, and for all animals, we must make it clear that playing fast and loose with the law is unacceptable, no matter how deep your pockets or how tight your political connections.


This frustrating saga shows how hard it is for animal advocates to protect animals. But long as we work together to unite all aspects of the legal system, from criminal justice to innovative litigation and legislative affairs, we will win the case against animal cruelty. It’s important that everyone stands up for animals and does their part.

Here at the Animal Legal Defense Fund, we have a strong connection to Tony’s plight, and our hearts break at the possibility that he may never get his freedom. And if this kind of sneaky, back-door affront to our legal system is allowed to continue, many other tigers may face the same fate.

Tony urgently needs your help—please take action for Tony today, and read more about his story here.

Take Action Button


Update On SB 250 ~ May 22, 2014   Leave a comment

la seal tony update

May 21, 2014: Louisiana House Committee on Natural Resources and Environment Meeting adjourned at appx. 1pmCST. SB 250 was NOT CALLED.

SB 250 is on the agenda again for May 28th @ 9:30amCST


The hearing is also live-streamed. Visit: on the day of the hearing; we’ll posting more info also on May 28th.

joe e mike s 5.21.2014 revSeen at the May 21st hearing: Mr. Sandlin, Tony’s “owner,” along with the notorious tiger breeder/abuser/exploiter and AWA violator Joe Schreibvogel aka Joe Exotic aka Aarron Alex aka Cody Ryan. This individual owns GW Exotic Animal Park, a horrid roadside zoo that houses “approximately 200 tigers and other dangerous exotic animals.”

Learn more about Joe Schreibvogel and GW Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, OK at the links below, and keep in mind this is the facility Mr. Sandlin has stated he intends to send Tony to if forced to relocate the animal from his roadside display. (Reference:

  • USDA Should Revoke Federal License of Nation’s Largest Big Cat Breeder

  • HSUS Undercover Investigation Reveals Dead Tigers, Safety Threats at Oklahoma’s GW Exotic Animal Park

More time for Tony’s Army to ROAR!

Please see this link on how we can fight SB 250 ~ it’s especially important for Louisiana Residents to TAKE ACTION and those of us who are non-residents to share the information. Visit:

Take Action to Ensure that Tony’s Captivity Remains Illegal!   Leave a comment

52014_appeal-TruckStopTony.jpgLouisiana bans nearly all private ownership of big cats—and for good reason. The state correctly recognizes the threats that these deadly animals pose to the community. However, a dangerous new bill in the state legislature could undermine these common-sense restrictions, so we need you to speak out now!

The bill, S.B. 250, would singularly appease Michael Sandlin, who has kept Tony the tiger isolated and on display at a truck stop in Grosse Tete, Louisiana for more than a decade. His truck stop has been cited by the USDA in the past for unsanitary feeding practices, mishandling of tigers, failure to provide veterinary care, lack of shelter from inclement weather, lack of clean drinking water, and no knowledgeable employees to care for the tigers—but his exhibit has not been shut down. Ownership of Tony was even declared illegal by the Louisiana Court of Appeals, but still, Tony continues to languish.

This is no life for an intelligent, athletic animal who would travel miles every day to hunt for prey in the wild. Tony’s acute sense of smell is assaulted by constant diesel fumes, and his sensitive ears listen to roaring engines and taunts by truck stop visitors. His barren enclosure does not include activities to relieve boredom, and he sits under the scorching sun with no pool or other place to cool off. In a sign of immense psychological distress, Tony constantly paces in his tiny enclosure, putting him at risk for painful physical problems.

Why would Louisiana single out Tony for such mistreatment? A crucial component of the fight for Tony (read more here) is preventing S.B. 250 from passing the House Natural Resources Committee. Please tell the Committee members that Tony the tiger deserves better.;jsessionid=67BC965CFF88B099CECD831C785FD246.app325a?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=885

Louisiana Residents: Speak Up NOW for Tony the Truck Stop Tiger! via @BornFreeUSA   Leave a comment


Special Thanks to Born Free USA for this Action Alert for Louisiana Residents targeting the Natural Resources and Environment Committee.


A hearing on SB 250, which would “exempt certain persons from the requirements of the big exotic cats rules” (specifically to allow Michael Sandlin to keep Tony at Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete Louisiana) is scheduled for tomorrow May 21st at 9:30am. You can view the agenda here:

Not from Louisiana? PLEASE SHARE!;jsessionid=D102953AC248282C078C08C95F1623C1.app367a?pagename=homepage&id=885

How We Can ALL Help Tony!   Leave a comment

life sentence

Recap on SB 250, Rick Ward III‘s bill to “exempt certain persons from the requirements of the big exotic cats rules” (specifically to allow Michael Sandlin to keep Tony at Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete Louisiana.)

After failing by a vote of 19 Nays – 18 Yeas on April 28th, it was voted on again on May 13th: The Louisiana Senate PASSED SB 250 by a vote of 20 YEAS to 18 NAYS. The bill was then introduced to the House on May 14 and referred to the Committee on Natural Resources and Environment.

SB 250 is scheduled for a hearing TOMORROW WEDNESDAY May 21 @ 9:30am. You can view the agenda here:

If you’re a resident of Louisiana PLEASE contact your House Representative and ask them to OPPOSE SB 250, especially if your Representative is a member of the Natural Resources and Environment Committee. List of committee members at the end of this post.

You can also find this list here: Just click on your representative’s name for contact information at the link.

Born Free USA also has an Action Alert for LOUISIANA RESIDENTS Targeting the Natural Resources and Environment Committee:

(Thank you Born Free USA)

For those of us who are NOT Louisiana Residents, please share the following information so we can reach others.

  • Born Free USA’s Action Alert Targeting the Natural Resources and Environment Committee:

  • ALDF’s Post for Tony:

  • ALDF’s Video for Tony:

  • ASPCA’s Action Alert for Louisiana Residents:

  • These petitions are also still open for Tony:

Let’s continue positive yet strong advocacy on behalf of Tony and work together to procure him a peaceful life, expert care, a proper home and the respect and dignity Tony and ALL animals deserve.

Natural Resources and Environment Committee
(Name, District, Email)

Dove, Gordon

Bishop, Stuart J.

Armes, James K.

Billiot, Robert E.

Chaney, Charles R.

Connick, Patrick

Foil, Franklin J.

Garofalo, Raymond E.

Gisclair, Jerry

Guinn, John E.

Harrison, Joe

James, Edward C. “Ted”

Jones, Sam

Lambert, Eddie J.

Leopold, Christopher J.

Montoucet, Jack

Morris, James “Jim”

Ortego, Stephen J.

Schexnayder, Clay

Kleckley, Chuck

Leger, Walt III

Updated SB 250 Action Alert via @ASPCA   Leave a comment


Click Here To Help Tony!

Click Here To Help Tony!

ASPCA has updated their SB 250 action alert.

If you’re a resident of Louisiana please visit: to send a message to your House Rep asking them to OPPOSE SB 250.

For added impact follow-up with a polite phone call. You can find your House Rep:

If you’re not from Louisiana please share this post so we can reach more Louisiana residents. Thank You.

@SpanielHarry’s Open Letter For Tony   Leave a comment

harry and tony

Harry and Tony

It’s amazing how Tony’s story has reached the hearts of people and “anipals” all over the world.

Meet Harry, an English Springer Spaniel who lives in the UK.  Harry wrote a heartfelt Open Letter to the Louisiana Senate supporting Tony’s release to a reputable sanctuary.

Harry is a great friend to all animals and we truly appreciate his support.

You can read Harry’s letter:

Thanks for your pawsome letter Harry! We’ll keep fighting this sinister bill. The bill passed the Senate, was introduced to the House and referred to the Natural Resource and Environment Committee. Louisiana Residents NEED TO TAKE ACTION AGAINST SB 250!

Check out Harry’s blog:

Follow Harry on Twitter: @SpanielHarry

“LIKE” Harry on Facebook:

Breakdown on SB 250 Vote ~ May 13, 2014   Leave a comment

Senate votes to keep Tony the Tiger at truck stop

Posted by on Tue, May 13, 2014 at 4:10 PM

After failing to pass Senate Bill 250 through the Louisiana Senate in April, State Sen. Rick Ward, R-Port Allen, reintroduced his bill to exempt big cat owners from a state law banning exotic pet ownership. This afternoon, SB 250 narrowly passed by a vote of 20-18. It now heads to the House.

State Sens. Troy Brown and Mack White were absent to vote last month. They voted in favor this afternoon. Sens. Danny Martiny, Gary Smith and Robert Kostelka, who voted against the bill in April, also voted in favor.

Sens. Dan Claitor, Yvonne Dorsey-Lacomb and Dan Morrish voted for the measure last month but voted against it today. Sen. Ben Nevers, who voted against the bill last month, was absent today.

The law would apply to Michael Sandlin, who owns the 13-year-old Siberian-Bengal tiger named Tony, who has lived at Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete for more than a decade. The law would come up against the Louisiana Supreme Court’s rejection of Sandlin’s petition in October 2013 to review the 1st Circuit Court of Appeal’s ruling that Tony can’t live at the truck stop.

breakdown sb250 5.13.2014

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