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Judge: Illegal permit issued to keep live tiger   Leave a comment

Posted:Nov 02, 2011 3:30 PM EDT || Updated:Nov 02, 2011 9:57 PM EDT


A state judge has ruled that a permit issued to a Louisiana truck stop to keep a live tiger on display was illegally issued. The ruling, if upheld, means the truck stop can no longer keep the tiger.  However, lawyers for the truck stop owner say they will appeal the ruling.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund had already won a ruling that said the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries could not issue a permit allowing the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete, La., to continue exhibiting a live tiger as a roadside attraction. The tiger is known as “Tony”.

“If I could thank the advocates for anything at all, what isn’t much, I’d thank them for a million dollars worth of free advertising,” said Mike Sandlin, owner of Tiger Truck Stop.

District Judge Mike Caldwell ruled Wednesday that a permit issued to the truck stop was illegally issued by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Caldwell did not give a time frame for when the tiger must be removed.

“We think the judge is totally wrong in his decision,” said defense attorney Steve Leblanc. “The first circuit reversed him before in this case on a motion for a new trial we filed and we hope they will reverse him again.”

Wildlife officials say Tony is the last privately-owned big, exotic cat in the state.

The defense fund wants the tiger moved to a more natural setting to live out its life.

“Our hope is that Tony will soon be at a reputable sanctuary where his needs can better be met than they are living on the side of a highway at a truck stop,” said Lisa Franzetta with the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Update On Tony’s ALDF Sponsored Petitions   Leave a comment

The petition on the ALDF site is currently at 22,552 signatures

The petition currently has 3,960 signatures.

Signing these petitions are quick and easy ways you can show your support for Tony, and if you’ve already signed, please continue to share the links via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail etc.

The media attention for Tony has picked up significantly since The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit against The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and its Secretary Robert Barham. An internet news search of keywords: tiger truck stop Animal Legal Defense Fund will bring up articles on the web. Example: Taking a few minutes to comment on ones that allow commentary is just another way to voice your support for Tony. Also visit Tony’s “Take Action” page at: for more ways to advocate for him.

If you have a Facebook account consider adding Tony’s pic badge to it. Visit: You can also add it to your Twitter profile. Networking on Twitter for Tony is appreciated as well. Follow Tony @FreeTonyTiger and @TonyTiger2000!/FreeTonyTiger!/TonyTiger2000

Thank you for your dedication to the campaign to help Tony. It’s all of our combined efforts joined with the great support of organizations such as The Animal Legal Defense Fund, Big Cat Rescue of Tampa Florida, and that keep this beautiful tiger’s plight in the minds and hearts of people worldwide as we work together to give Tony the home and life he deserves.

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