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Beyond The Bars

They stare at me
Through rusted bars
But I look past them
And toward the stars

They watch me pace
But in my mind
I am running free

Look into my eyes
See the blackness
The emptiness inside

Nothing will break
My Spirit – My Will
I hold my head high
A Proud Tiger Still

Thousands like me
Long for peace and respect
To be rescued from prisons
Of abuse and neglect

My body grows tired
After ten long years
Voiceless – Invisible
Tiger Tears

But Striped Hearts Roar
Loud and strong for me
Voices unwavering
Until I am free

Day after day
Faith in “My Stars”
To Be A Tiger
Beyond The Bars

© D. De Santis/FTTT 2010


Tony’s Tale

A dismal grey cell of concrete and steel
Imprisons your immense striped body
Innocent – exploited for being such a magnificent creature
Greed, ignorance, and cruelty have condemned you

You pace endlessly and breathe polluted air
They stare at, taunt and abuse you
But endure – stand proud and strong
We are fighting for your freedom
Around the world, your army, your soldiers
Are broadcasting your injustice
Our hearts break for you
But our indomitable determination will not

Our voices and actions are strong and resolute
We will not waiver to those
Who try to impede our efforts
We will not surrender this battle

You will feel green grass and soft earth
Beneath your massive paws
Water to swim, splash and wade in
Clean air and a safe haven will be yours

There will be pride and peace in your eyes
And the sweet sound of victory and freedom
In your thunderous roar

You will finally have the chance
To be what you are…
A   T I G E R.

©D. De Santis ~ 2009        

Note:  For the past three years, our town library has showcased an Art & Poetry Exhibition. We have a reception where the artwork is displayed and poets read their poems. The art and poetry is also featured in a catalog.

I have been fortunate enough to be part of this wonderful event with my poems about tigers and cats. In this, our fourth year, my poem is about Tony. This tiger’s sad and tragic story has completely captured my heart, and while I am not a writer by any means, you can never go wrong if you “write from the heart.”

Update 12.5.2009: The Art & Poetry Reception was a great success, and I did find the courage to read Tony’s poem. So many people inquired about Tony and wanted more information. I was ready with brochures of info on Tony. It was a great way to bring Tony’s story to more people and hopefully gain their support for his freedom.

Tony –  December 2009 The AdvoCat Newsletter

Tony is mentioned and so is his poem in the December 2009 issue of  Big Cat Rescue’s The AdvoCat Newsletter.


Posted November 20, 2009 by Free Tony The Tiger

16 responses to “Poems For Tony

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  1. I have written a poem for Tony:


    Hang on Tony
    Please don’t despair
    There are people out there
    Who truly care

    We pray for you
    That you’ll one day be free
    And no longer be forced
    To live in misery

    One day you will get
    Your place in the sun
    And your abuser will pay
    For what he has done

    You’ve been so strong
    To have made it this long
    People are fighting
    To finally right this wrong

    So hang on, sweet Tony
    You deserve so much more
    We’ll never stop fighting
    Of that, you can be sure

    I just wish you could know
    How many tears we’ve been crying
    Your so loved proud Tiger
    We’ll never stop tryin

    To give you a life
    One where you can thrive
    Where for the first time you’ll feel
    Truly alive…

    Elizabeth Lanson

  2. I love this poem. It says it all. Debbie

  3. Very moving. With allies like you, there is hope for Tony’s future yet.

  4. This is heart touching…..will pray for tony,

  5. That was beautiful and I will pray for Tony!!

  6. Nicely written.

    Keep strong Tony and hold on, cause we’re coming to get you and soon!

  7. Just like other animal lovers tears run down my eyes and my heart breaks into pieces, hoping and paying that Tony can be a Tiger and run free.


  9. Dee,
    Your poem is beautiful.
    Thank you for everything you do for Tony and all cats big and small.

  10. My heart aches, my tears flow, my resolve strengthens – you truly inspire! I can hear Tony chuffing his thanks for being his true defender. With deepest gratitude for everything you do,

  11. Thanks for sharing this. It beautifully states the travesty man continues to commit with our world and its creatures.

  12. Great job Dee. Thanks so much for your dedication.


  13. Dee, that is a great poem! Thank you for writing and reading it! I hope it does help get more publicity for Tony’s plight. (And, of course, I hope it grants Tony’s freedom!)

  14. Dee…what a lovely plea for and tribute to Tony. You make a difference every day in your caring and dedication to a cause. Your work and love are appreciated and respected. Thank you Dee.

  15. This is a beautiful reflection on Tony. Dee De your heart poured into his soul. Tears ran down my face as I think of how many people are fighting for his freedom. You have made a huge impact on his life. You have made a difference in his world. You are boundless in everything you do for him. Because of you one day he will be free.

  16. Dee De this is beautiful. You are a truly gifted person. Thanks for sharing and good luck.

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