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“How long should you try? Until.”

Tony’s case is still being fought legally by The Animal Legal Defense Fund. We will post any actions to take to support their case when they become available.

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Please continue to share Tony’s story through social media. Networking Tony’s story is important; it helps keep people involved, updated and supportive as well as in the media.

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https://instagram.com/tonythetruckstoptiger/ @TonyTheTruckstopTiger


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Visiting Tony
If you visit Tony, please document your visit with photographs/video and share them with us to be posted on Tony’s social media sites. E-mail us with your permission statement of use and how you would like your pictures/video credited to tonythetruckstoptiger2016@gmail.com

HELP Captive Tigers & Big Cats
You can help tigers and big cats like Tony by supporting legislation. HR 3546 / S 2541 (the Big Cat Public Safety Act) puts an end to back yard breeding and exploitation of big cats and their cubs in America!  Please ask your members of congress to support this bill so that it becomes law this session. Visit: bigcatact.com

The Dodo Video
The Dodo recently posted a video to raise awareness for Tony and as of this updated post it has received over 400,000 views.

► Tony’s Story

Tony was born in July 2000 and has been at the truck stop since he was a cub. According to Mr. Sandlin he got Tony from a breeder in Texas. In 2003, three tigers: Toby and Rainbow 18 years old and 8 year old Khan were removed from the truck stop due to AWA violations which included: “unsanitary feeding practices; mishandling tigers; and failure to provide veterinary care, shelter from inclement weather, clean drinking water, and knowledgeable employees to care for the tigers.” The USDA allowed Sandlin to keep one tiger Tony who was 3 years old at the time. https://freetonythetiger.wordpress.com/tony-left-behind-in-2003/

Tony’s case has brought worldwide attention to privately owned tigers in the U.S.. Michael Sandlin’s state permit was found illegal and revoked in 2011 by Judge Michael Caldwell; this decision was upheld by The Louisiana Appeal Court and the Louisiana Supreme Court. Though the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries had the authority to seize Tony and enforce the law and these rulings, they refused to. When Mr. Sandlin exhausted his appeals he enlisted Sen. Rick Ward to propose a bill to exempt himself from the 2006 law barring private ownership of big cats. The bill was passed by the Louisiana Legislature and signed by Gov. Bobby Jindal. The Animal Legal Defense Fund has been working tirelessly on Tony’s case and has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Louisiana taxpayers, challenging the state’s new special exemption. http://aldf.org/cases-campaigns/timelines/tony-the-tiger/

Three sanctuaries have standing offers of homes for Tony. One such sanctuary’s tiger habitats start at 8,000 sq. ft. or more, all natural substrate, perches, hammock, pool, toys/enrichment and access to an indoor temperature controlled building. Keepers have 4 year zoology degrees and a vet hospital on-site. Another sanctuary recently debuted a 2.5 acre habitat for their cats to “vacation in” with platforms, dens, trees, foliage, a pond and enrichment toys. A sanctuary in Colorado, whose executive director and founder has over 35 years of experience in rescuing, transporting, relocating and acclimating tigers and other big cats to their new habitats without incident, can provide a natural habitat 10-20 acres in size on rolling prairie grasslands, complete with swimming ponds and seasonal lakes. They all have underground dens (that stay about 60 degrees year round), shade shelters and play structures, and all kinds of toys and enrichment. Tony’s enclosure at the truck stop is a dismal 1600 sq ft of concrete compounds and a small “grassy area” that offers him no opportunity to run or engage in any natural behaviors. He has been subjected to the noise and smells of the truck stop and the taunting of tourists for 16 years.

Tony deserves the opportunity to retire to a peaceful, healthy, natural environment. We ask for your continued positive support for Tony. Thank You.

[Updated October 20, 2016]

Posted October 18, 2010 by Free Tony The Tiger

19 responses to “Take Action!!!

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  1. I can not believe that Tony is still living in hell. He should have been allowed to live in a Santuary long ago. The conditions at the truck stop are cruel and inhumane and he will be lonely and depressed. His permit is up in December and SHOULD NOT be renewed so he has to continue living in that lonely hell hole. LET HIM GO so he may live his life with his own kind in an environment that befits a Tiger.

  2. The recent tradegy in Ohio ,surely must make the people responsible for issuing these permits for private zoo’s and individuals to posess these rare and beautiful animals give more thought to what they are doing ,they are not domestic animals ,you cannot have them in your backyard ,those issuing these permits are they held responsible if they escape and tragically kill someone?apparently this situation was known to the authorities for some time ,why was nothing done?these poor animals have died for-nothing ,this man had already been charged for animal cruelty and neglect-shame on those responsible.

  3. The very organisation that should be concerned for the welfare of Tony has let him down ,the Louisiana department of wild life and Fisheries ,they go against their own position statement on privately owned Tigers,this has gone on too long and Tony is suffering ,perhaps the -ego of some individuals have taken over and they are worried they might lose -face -,they- already have ,show compassion for this poor lonely Tiger and -free him before it is too late.



  5. Isn’t there anything the SPCA can do, in the UK we have the RSPCA, there must be an animal welfare organisation that can do something to help him.

  6. this has got to stop, yourself in the cage for a few weeks then tell us what that felt like. the things we do to animals it makes me ashame to say i am an american.

    do the right thing

  7. I just saw my first picture of him, and one of the members of my favorite bands was looking at him, and didn’t look too happy. Tony needs to be freed, and the people who put him in the cage are cruel. I’m surprised PETA hasn’t gotten involved with this.

  8. free him now and let him run free

  9. FREE TONY, DAMN!!!!!!!

  10. Free Tony the tiger. He has suffered enough, let him live his life peacefully. No one would like to be kept in a cage.

  11. please!, please! FREE TONY!!!!

  12. Tony the Tiger has been used as a gimmick for far too long. Enough is Enough, he need to spend to spend his remaining years in a sanctuary. This whole situation is totally appalling.

  13. This abuse must end! It is shameful that LA would allow a tiger to suffer by living in a cage at a truck stop for 1o yrs. Do the right thing and “DO NOT” renew Michael Sandlin’s permit to allow this to continue.

  14. Please allow this beautiful animal to have a better life. He deserves better than this.

  15. Has MAF actually been to see Tony & looked into his EYES or any TIGER that is kept in an unsuitable place
    the eyes are his window to his LIFE you will see SADNESS there x

  16. Where are the big animal welfare orgs? Why haven’t they become involved to try to bring a lawsuit or something? This is insane..


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