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Revised Ordinance by The Iberville Parish Council 3.19.2009

A 1993 Iberville Parish ordinance prohibited wild or exotic animals to be displayed or kept as pets. This ordinance was never enforced and on March 17, 2009 The Iberville Parish council voted to amend the ordinance to allow Michael Sandlin to keep a tiger “on display.” You can view the amended ordinance below:

Iberville Ordinance Revised

Original Ordinance by The Iberville Parish Council from 1993

The following is the Iberville Parish Original Ordinance from 1993 regarding “The Keeping Of Wild, Exotic, Vicious Animals And Reptiles.”


Sec. 3-91. Display of wild or exotic animals prohibited.
No person shall keep or permit to be kept on his premises any wild, exotic, vicious animal or reptile for display or for exhibition purposes whether gratuitously or for a fee. This section shall not apply to zoological parks, performing animal exhibitions, circuses or veterinary clinics.
(Ord. of 4-20-93)

Sec. 3-92. Wild or exotic animals as pets prohibited.
No person shall keep or permit to be kept any wild, exotic, vicious animal, or reptile as a pet without having first obtained a license from the animal control shelter.
(Ord. of 4-20-93)

Sec. 3-93. Posting of notices.
Any person who offers for sale a wild or exotic animal as defined above in section 3-1, definitions shall post conspicuously at the place of sale or display the following notice:
“No person may lawfully keep or permit to be kept in the Parish of Iberville, any live monkey (nonhuman primate), raccoon, skunk, wolf, squirrel, fox, leopard, panther, tiger, lion, lynx, or any other warm-blooded animal, poisonous snake, tarantula, crocodile or alligator which can normally be found in the wild state.”
(Ord. of 4-20-93)

Sec. 3-94. License for wild animals.
(a) The animal control director may issue a temporary license for the keeping, care and protection of injured wild animals or infant wild animals or infant wild animals native to this area which have been deemed to be incapable of surviving without assistance.
(b) Any person wishing to house a wild, exotic animal or reptile as a pet must demonstrate knowledge of the proper care for the animal or reptile involved and must have facilities for their care inspected by the animal control director. It shall be the responsibility of the director to issue or deny a license following the inspection.
(c) Any denials will be explained in writing to the owner.
Any person aggrieved by a decision of the director may appeal such decision to the police jury and district court as provided in Chapter III, Livestock.
(Ord. of 4-20-93)

Sec. 3-95. Release of wild animals.
The animal control director shall have the authority to release or order the release of any wild animal or reptile kept under temporary license which is deemed capable of survival.
(Ord. of 4-20-93)

Sec. 3-96. Disposition and impoundment.
Any person who keeps a wild, exotic or vicious animal in contravention of this chapter may dispose of the animal or reptile by removal of the animal or reptile from the parish, by giving or selling the animal or reptile to a zoological park or by releasing the animal or reptile to the wild, to a zoological park, or to a responsible adult who shall remove the animal or reptile from the parish, or dispose of the animal or reptile in some humane manner. The director of the animal control shelter is authorized to release the animal or reptile to any licensed institution for research purposes.
(Ord. of 4-20-93)

Posted January 19, 2010 by Free Tony The Tiger

8 responses to “Iberville Ordinance

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  1. I first found out about dear Tony about 5 months ago. Joining his cause has been a life changing experience for me that is hard to describe in words…because when I say life changing, for me personally I mean it changed how I see the world, …how I see people, and how experiencing this kind of hurt and pain in my heart and soul is something that I have never felt before Tony.
    When you really sit down and think and try to imagine what Tony’s life has been for the last 10 years it can tear at the centre core of your heart…
    My love for animals has been something that has been with me as far back as I remember, and I have felt great pain over losing precious animals that have come and gone in my life….but this is a new kind of pain.
    When you commit yourself to a fight such as Tony’s, and you feel that pain for this animal, you realize that the pain you are feeling , cannot even come close to comparing with what this Endangered Beautiful Tiger has gone through.
    I have sat here on so many occasions trying to picture one day of Tony’s Life…with the heat, and the noise of all those trucks coming and going…that damn loud noise of all those trucks…the diesel and the fumes they puff out. The crowds around his cage, yelling and poking and prodding, trying to make him move, so they can get a better look…The spotlights on him, when the sun goes down, never giving him some relief from the light…I try to picture one day of Tony’s life. I CANNOT even begin to grasp this over and over for 10 years…..
    This vision that I cannot grasp, is what will keep me committed to Tony’s fight until his fight has been Won. This vision that I cannot grasp is what gives me the strength to tell his Story to everyone I know. This vision that I cannot grasp is what has changed my life forever…
    To anyone that reads this, and has something special in their hearts for Animals like Tony, I ask you to join his fight. We need you all to help us give Tony for the remaining years he has left, a Life that he deserves. A life that has been taken from him.
    Tony needs YOU to be his VOICE. Tony needs YOU to WIN his FIGHT.
    I am attaching his latest petition that is now circulating, to stop his owner from having his permit renewed to keep Tony. Please share with everyone you know, everyone you love. Ty xo

  2. Free Tony! he deserve a better life.
    He deserve a better habitat.

    It’s not late to do something for this tiger

  3. Please, do the right thing and release Tony the Tiger to Big Cat Rescue!!!
    Tony is a prisoner in that cage and he would be taken care of and have much more room to roam around at Big Cat Rescue!!!
    A tiny cage is no place for him!!!

  4. What a bunch of buffoons the Iberville Parish Council are you can either KEEP exotic pets or you CANT KEEP exotic pets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GET REAL you people and let this Tiger go to a proper sanctuary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Please help this Tiger be homed to a Rescue. He is living in discraceful circumstances and looks malnurished. This is no way for any animal to live. He has no way of expressing his natural behaviour. Please, Please help him.

  6. You must let Tony go to Big Cat Rescue. This cage is no place for him to live. Please let him go!!!!!!!

    Carolyn Schellhardt
  7. Please help get this beautiful animal free! This should not be happening and it’s time to “do the right thing”.

    Animals can not speak for themselves, so it’s up to us to speak for them.

    He needs a place where he can roam free, keeping him “LOCKED” in this horrible cage is wrong!!!!!!

    Please do what you can to get “Tony” out of there!

    God Bless you,

    Wendy Zezza

  8. Free Tony! He is a wild animal and this act is inhumane. We must care for animals the way we care for humans. Stop this act

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