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Followers of “Tony” on Twitter @TonyTiger2000, know Tony’s “bestest” elegirl @LucyLiberte a beautiful Asian elephant named Lucy who lives alone at the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

Lucy has been offered homes at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and PAWS in California but the city of Edmonton has refused to release her. These sanctuaries would provide the habitat, care and climate Lucy needs as well as elephant companionship which is so vital to these magnificent intelligent animals.

Lucy and Tony are quite the couple and there’s no doubt they absolutely “adore one another,” hence Tony’s #ILoveLucy and Lucy’s #ILoveTony hashtags; while they raise awareness and support for their relocation to reputable sanctauries, they also lend their roars and rumbles for other anipals in need of help.

Every night at 10pmEST on Twitter there’s a #ROARandRUMBLE to raise awareness for them.
#ROARandRUMBLE @TonyTiger2000 & @LucyLiberte Help #FreeLucyandTony

You can support Lucy and Tony:

By signing their petitions:

Following On Twitter:

@TonyTiger 2000 –

@LucyLiberte –

and Joining On Facebook:

Learn more about Lucy:

By working together and supporting each other we strengthen the effort to help Lucy and Tony into the homes they need and deserve.

Posted July 21, 2012 by Free Tony The Tiger

2 responses to “Lucy and Tony

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  1. Lucy and Tonny also have been in captivity for many years, so too are other animals in the same condition, if we all united to achieve their freedom! victory will tip to release other animals. I feel honored to share and help this worthy cause! Snoopy Torres

  2. I will never understand how people can justify extreme deprivation of living creatures as beautiful as Tony and Lucy. So they screwed up from the beginning. That is, taking away their freedom and a right to live naturally. Well it’s time 4 them 2 fess up and correct the mistake, but since they are refusing to do so, it’s up to us responsible people to do it. Join us in our fight and we will get this right.

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